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An affordable alarm family out of the ordinary

An affordable alarm family out of the ordinary

Several European countries demands Mains powered smoke detectors in private houses. Some countries demand one in each house. Some countries demand one on each floor. Due to the high cost of mains powered smoke detectors, private homes often stick to the minimum requirements.

So far communication between wireless battery operated alarms and Mains powered alarms, has not appeared in the market. Cavius has created a Wireless Alarm Family range that communicates across features. This means that the Cavius Mains powered smoke alarm can communicate with any other Cavius wireless battery operated alarm.

Wether there is a flood in the basement or a fire in the addict, smoke in the hallway, CO leak in a gas heater, ALL alarms will start warning the inhabitants. The detector causing the alarm will be easy to identify, due to difference in both visible and audible warning patterns.
Along side with this new way of thinking, Cavius also created a remote controle/flashlight to the range.

The uniqueness is the communication between the alarm device and the remote. If an alarm appears, the Cavius flashlight will emit and help you find your way out. At the same time, the remote can be used to either test or pause the single alarms.

The Cavius Wireless Family can operate as a single system, as well as on a Home automation system.


It all started with a travel alarm when CEO and founder Glenn Højmose in 2004 decided to quit his design job to follow one of his ideas. The travel alarm was introduced on the market in 2007 featuring a motion sensor and smoke detector. Despite some market enthusiasm, the product didn’t take off.

In 2011 Cavius introduced the world’s smallest photoelectric smoke alarm using the experience from the travel alarm. The new smoke alarm was unique because of the EN-approved micro-design and special features

Cavius is based in Silkeborg in Denmark with administration, marketing and sales. In China we own 67,5% of the factory producing the alarms. In China Cavius has its own team of engineers doing technical inspection and R&D.