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security innovation award

Messe Essen was holding these recognised awards for the 5th time. Every two years, it honours outstanding achievements in the categories Technology & Products, Services and Fire Protection and rewards them with the security innovation award in gold, silver or bronze. From 84 top-class contenders, the jury had to choose 15 companies for the final round. The finalists presented their innovations live in front of the jury, with security industry experts assessing the new products from both a material and an ideational point of view.

The winners of the golden awards were: Hutchinson GmbH, Defense & Mobility, Germany (category technology & products), VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, Germany (category services) and Multicomsystem, Germany (category fire protection).

The closing date of application was June, 15th.

Finalists and winners 2016

2014: Gold for Sälzer, Lock Your World and JOB

Technology and technics category: Sälzer GmbH, Germany won the golden award with the Multifunctional Security Door Called Secufire®. The multifunctional security door called Secufire® constitutes the world's first and, as yet, only fully glazed tubular frame door which has an escape route function (anti-panic) and unites the inhibition of burglary and shooting-through as well as full fire protection suitability in itself - and this in an appealing optical design. Until now, at least two complete door structures had to be combined with each other in a complicated way if all these properties and functions were needed.

Services category: Lock Your World GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, was the winner of Gold with its pyware anywhere. The locking system is a comprehensive locking and authorisation concept without any physical connection to the utilisation location. Almost everything can be equipped with this flexible electronic admission and access protection - not only buildings, rooms, containers, tanks and cases but also vehicles or aeroplanes.

Fire protection category: The JOB GmbH, Germany was with "E Bulb" the winner of Gold. E Bulb is a miniature extinguishing system which can be installed in any electrical appliance - no matter whether a computer, a television set or a tumble dryer. If the electronics of the appliance overheat or a fire starts, it is capable of releasing an extinguishing agent in the appliance and, at the same time, of interrupting the supply of any further electricity.

2012: Detection Technologies und EPS were the winners

Technology category: In 2012, the innovation award in gold went to ection Detection Technologies Ltd., Great Britain for the VibraSector Intrusion Point Location System. The technology of the VibraSector Intrusion Point Location System provides decisive monitoring for fence installations (even consisting of different fence types and materials) without any power loss as protection against any intrusion and sabotage or destruction.

Fire protection category: The winner was EPS Vertriebs GmbHfor its PROTECTOR-ST-01 Monitoring and Alarm System. PROTECTOR-ST-01 is an intelligent monitoring and alarm system for fire extinguishers. In the event of danger, the installation which is connected with one or several smoke detectors by radio gives both optical and acoustic signals and indicates where functioning fire extinguishers are located.

Technical special prize: For Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH & Co. KGand Invictus AG.