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The Digital Networking Security Congress will take place during the entire duration of security essen in Hall 8.

Here we briefly introduce all (keynote) speakers. Currently the page is under construction - it will be updated regularly.

Keynote Tuesday, 22.09.20, 11:00 - 12:00
Cyberwar - The danger from the net - Why the physical security world is also threatened

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Frank_Rieger-rp2019

Frank Rieger
Hacker, non-fiction writer, spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club (CCC)

Frank Rieger, born 1971, is a hacker, non-fiction author, technology journalist, Internet activist and one of the spokespersons of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Professionally, he works, among other things, as technical managing director of a company for communication security. He is co-founder of successful German start-up companies in the fields of mobile and location-based information services and data security. Frank Rieger writes for the Frankfurter Allgemeine (Sonntags)Zeitung, Spiegel, Süddeutsche and Lettre International, among others, highly regarded articles on topics at the interface between technology and society. Together with Constanze Kurz he wrote the books "Die Datenfresser - Wie Internetfirmen und Staat sich unsere persönlichen Daten einverbereinigen und wie wir die Kontrolle über die Wiederherstellung" (S. Fischer, 2011). "Work-free - A voyage of discovery to the machines that replace us." (Riemann, 2013) and "Cyberwar - The danger from the net. Who threatens us and how we can defend ourselves" (C. Bertelsmann, 2018)."

Photo credit: Autor OT , Frank Rieger auf der re:publica 2019, Quelle Wikipedia , CC Creative Commons


Physical security systems - for example locking systems, access control or burglar alarm systems - are increasingly digitally networked. Digital security usually does not keep up with the quality of physical security. Attacks where the physical world can be accessed from the network - unlocking doors, activating access authorizations, triggering false alarms, etc. - are no longer only seen in Hollywood movies. The consequences can sometimes be dramatic for users and operators of the systems. It is not just a matter of failing to achieve the actual protection objective, such as ensuring security against burglary or theft. The availability of the systems is also under attack: Doors can no longer be opened, production downtimes occur and false alarms necessitate shutdowns. To make matters worse, not only has the software in the security systems been successfully attacked recently, the computers in the door locks or cameras are often taken over completely and integrated into botnets for network overload attacks.

Keynote Wednesday, 23.09.20, 10:00 - 11:00
Living and working in the future

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Michael Carl

Michael Carl
Future researcher, Director carl institute for human future

Michael Carl, born in 1968, is a futurist, scientist, keynote speaker, journalist, author, futurologist, theologian. Over several years he has worked in various leading positions to develop the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank into Europe's largest independent futurology institute. In the meantime he has founded his own institute: The carl institute for human future. Here, Michael Carl shapes the visions of the future of numerous companies in a wide range of industries with his independent view and precise analysis as a futurologist. He researches, develops and publishes which substantial changes in our living and working environments can already be meaningfully predicted today and which consequences will result from this for the business models of the future. In this way he supports companies in positioning themselves for the future.



Michael Carl looks back on a long career in strategy and organizational development: After studying Protestant theology, he first worked as a journalist and editor at ARD. Finally, Michael Carl built up the strategy office of an ARD station as department head - a novelty in public broadcasting. In this function he managed important strategy and structure projects.

He is driven by the future of mankind - in business and work, in society and living environments, or more precisely: the future image of mankind and how we begin to shape it.


  • Studied Protestant Theology in Hamburg, Edinburgh and Frankfurt am Main
  • Journalistic traineeship
  • Systemic organisational development

Professional background:

  • Reporter, editor and presenter at MDR Sputnik, MDR Jump in Halle and radioeins of rbb in Potsdam
  • Personal assistant to the rbb radio director
  • Head of Department Corporate Development rbb
  • Head of Strategy Office ibidem
  • Managing Director Research & Analysis, 2b AHEAD Think Tank
  • Founder and Director of the carl institute for human future

Keynote Thursday, 24.09.20, 10:00 - 10:35
Live Hacking – Smart Home / Wlan / IOT

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Matteo Große-Kampmann_Chris Wojzechowski

Matteo Große-Campman
Managing Director, AWARE7 GmbH

Matteo Große-Kampmann's expertise is the professional execution of security investigations of complex IT landscapes. He is technical managing director of AWARE7 GmbH, a cyber security company from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, which specializes in modern cyber attacks on people and technology. In addition, he is a cooperative doctoral student at the Institute for Internet Security and the Ruhr University Bochum. There he conducts interdisciplinary research in the fields of IT security, data protection and medical technology. He also publishes various scientific papers, as well as articles and blog posts suitable for the masses, in order to prepare interested people for digitalisation, to remove barriers and to reduce scepticism. Nationwide he is booked for live hacking and awareness events. His audience includes employees, executives and managers who want to be informed about the latest threats. As an expert, he occasionally stands in front of the camera on (supra)regional radio and television.

Chris Wojzechowski
Managing Director, AWARE7 GmbH

The organization, planning and implementation of workshops, seminars and live hacking shows specialized in cyber security is the expertise of Chris Wojzechowski. He is managing director of AWARE7 GmbH, a cyber security company from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, which specializes in modern cyber attacks on people and technology. The former employee and project manager of the Institute for Internet Security has already had the privilege of leading studies on behalf of various federal ministries and agencies. He is constantly writing articles and blog posts suitable for the masses to prepare interested people for digitalisation, remove barriers and reduce scepticism. He is booked nationwide for live hacking and awareness events. His audience includes employees, executives and managers who want to be informed about the latest threats. As an expert, he stands in front of the camera on (inter)regional radio and television and reports comprehensibly about complex attacks and new problems in IT and IT security.

Further speakers

In addition to the keynotes, the DNS Congress offers numerous other exciting and informative presentations by top-class experts from the security industry.

Peter Varenhorst:
Digital convergence in the security sector or why only cooperation helps - cooperation between police and business

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Peter Vahrenhorst

Chief Inspector, Prevention of Cybercrime, State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia

Peter Vahrenhorst is Chief Commissioner of Criminal Investigation at the State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia. He is responsible for the prevention of cybercrime with a focus on "business". The fields of activity of the Cybercrime Competence Centre include computer forensics, mobile forensics, investigations, telecommunications, open source research, criminological information and communication support, prevention/media and the child pornography analysis centre.

After his studies at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration NRW, Peter Vahrenhorst initially worked for 10 years as an IT investigator. Afterwards he worked in the field of police prevention on the Internet. For three years he was also a lecturer at the University of Bielefeld.

Peter Vahrenhorst was awarded the prize "Kooperation Konkret" by the Ministry of Education NRW in 2009 and the State Prize for Internal Security by the Ministry of the Interior and Municipal Affairs NRW in 2010.

Holger Berens:
More security through interdepartmental cooperation - challenges and solutions

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Holger Berens

Course Director Compliance und Corporate Security, LL.M. at Rheinischen Hochschule, Head of Competence Center International Security (KIS), Chairman of the BoardBSKI e.V.

Holger Berens has been advising international companies in all areas of compliance and security management for more than 30 years. He is head of the Compliance and Corporate Security (LL. M.) course at the Rheinische Fachhochschule (RFH) in Cologne and head of the Competence Centre for International Security (KIS) at the RFH. He is also chairman of the board of the German Federal Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (BSKI) and is also a shareholder of reduceo GmbH, where he is responsible for information security.

Holger Berens is a member of the expert group of DIGITAL SME, a Small Business Standards project based in Brussels, a European NGO co-financed by the European Commission and EFTA member states within the framework of ISO 27001 to implement ISO 27001 ff. for SMEs in the EU and is chairman of the Ethic Advisory Board CIVILnEXt of the EU.

FH-Prof. Dr. Martin Langer:
When the nightmare becomes a reality... Organizational theory approaches in risk and crisis management

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Martin Langer

Head of the Department of Risk and Security Management, FH Campus Wien

Martin Langer is head of department at the University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien and heads the bachelor's programme Integrated Security Management and the master's programme Integrated Risk Management. Martin Langer has worked internationally on international assignments for the Red Cross, the Austrian Armed Forces and the UN and has many years of experience in advising organisations on risk and security management.


  • The nodding stone phenomenon
  • Is Murphy right?
  • Complicated or complex?
  • How do I manage the unexpected?

Photo: © FH Campus Wien/Ludwig Schedl

Michael Zimmer:
Real attacks and what you can learn from them

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Michael Zimmer

Managing Director of G DATA Advanced Analytics GmbH

Michael Zimmer is managing director of G DATA Advanced Analytics GmbH. Following positions in development, sales and integration of technical specialist applications (CAD, CAE, CAM, GIF), he has been involved in the sales and implementation of IT security software and services in existing corporate structures for over 20 years. His current interests lie in the consulting of medium-sized companies, institutions and public authorities in the efficient and user-friendly implementation of integrated IT security concepts.

G DATA Advanced Analytics GmbH (GD ADAN) is part of the G DATA Group and provides companies and public institutions with IT security services in the fields of consulting, penetration tests, incident response, training and malware analysis. Since the company was founded, GD ADAN has made a name for itself particularly in the defence and management of cyber attacks. Highly qualified experts for malware and IT infrastructure security in combination with a powerful team of developers enable GD ADAN not only to provide highly specialized services but also to implement customer-specific security solutions effectively and promptly. The current focus of the company's activities is on IT security consulting, penetration tests in all forms and support in the event of IT security incidents (incident response).


Case studies from our daily practice. Concrete recommendations for action to improve the level of IT security.

Based on G DATA's practical experience with recent incident response cases and penetration tests, IT security measures and services are examined under the aspect of cost-benefit. What are the typical weaknesses? Where do I start? What do I have to pay attention to? "Optimized resilience" and "incident readiness" are presented as efficient approaches for robust and defendable IT structures.

Dipl. Inform. Werner Metterhausen:
IT security for IP-based security technology IT security for security management

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Werner Metterhausen

Senior Consultant, VZM - VON ZUR MÜHLEN'SCHE GmbH, BdSI

Werner Metterhausen is a graduate computer scientist and senior consultant at VON ZUR MÜHLEN'SCHE GmbH, BdSI. ISMS ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

His work focuses on testing and certification of data centers, data center consolidation (site evaluation), business continuity management, IT emergency management, information security and data protection.

Siegfried Müller:
Security by Design of IoT applications

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Siegfried Mueller

Managing Director, MB connect line GmbH Fernwartungssysteme

Siegfried Müller is the CEO of MB connect line GmbH. In his first years of professional activity as a control engineer for mechanical engineering, he recognized the benefits of remote maintenance. At the age of 25, he founded MB connect line. Under his leadership, the company developed into a technology leader in the fields of remote maintenance, data collection and industrial security.

For more than 20 years, Siegfried Müller has driven the development of new products and solutions for secure industrial communication via the internet with great dedication and passion. As a strategist and expert in cyber security in the industrial environment, he also contributes his expertise to national and international working groups - for example at the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation Bayern e.V., at TeleTrusT - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and in the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO). He addresses the important economic issues as a senator at the International Economic Senate (IWS).


New products and services are being developed every day as companies strive for digitisation. The new digitization market offers enormous potential for new products and solutions in a wide range of industries. It is easy to buy cheap hardware and marry it with an everywhere available open source application. A little bit of Linux, MQTT and Raspberry PI is put together - and the IOT product is ready to be used or even sold. But what does it look like in terms of IT security?

It is now easy to imagine that many of these new products and devices are directly connected to the Internet or even form an active interface between internal networks and the Internet. At the same time, we know that connecting to the public Internet is a sensitive transition where only trusted devices should be used. But is this trust justified if the devices are built purely on functionality - without any security guide or security framework? A comparison with safety or functional security is obvious. Today, it is no longer conceivable to develop a machine without a risk analysis of the safety technology. Or that the safety elements built into it do not have the appropriate certification. Instead, standards and norms specify how safety components must be developed and applied. These specifications do not yet exist for information technology, but with Security by Design the methods are well known. However, they must be applied.

The lecture conveys knowledge about common Security by Design processes and recommendations for action. Especially the design of IoT devices from hardware to software. In detail it is about integration of Secure Elements, Secure Boot and Secure Firmware with mandatory patch management. Furthermore, the second part of the lecture deals with the integration of IoT applications, e.g. with the Docker application for domain separation and what roles data diodes play today in the automation world.

Norbert Schaaf:
Distinction between professional Smart Security and Smart Home systems

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Norbert Schaaf

Geburtsdatum/-ort: 21.10.1955 in Wiesbaden

Position: Geschäftsführer der Atral-Secal GmbH – Mitglied der Hager Gruppe

Weitere Aktivitäten:

  • Vorstandsvorsitzender des BHE Bundesverband Sicherheitstechnik e. V.
  • Vorstandsvorsitzender des Forums „Rauchmelder retten Leben“
  • stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Forums „CO macht KO“
  • Vorsitzender in IEC/TC 79 (internationale Sicherheitstechnik) und CLC/TC 79 (europäische Sicherheitstechnik), sowie Mitglied in zahlreichen deutschen (DIN/DKE) und europäischen (TC79/TC72) Normungsgremien


Fast alle Smart Home Anbieter bieten auch Geräte mit Sicherheits- bzw. Securityfunktionen an z. B. Bewegungsmelder oder Öffnungsmelder. Zusammen mit einer Scharf-/Unscharffunktion, z. B. mit einem Handsender, wird diese Zusammenstellung dann als Alarmanlage mitverkauft.

Um hier eine klare Abgrenzung zu einer vollfunktionsfähigen Alarmanlage herzustellen wurde die VDE V 0826-1 mit Schnittstellen zu Smart Home Funktionen entwickelt. Der Vortrag soll die Unterschiede darstellen.

Philipp Rothmann:
Secure networks in buildings

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Philipp Rothmann

IT Security Coach

Philipp-Christopher Rothmann, since 2007 active in the gravitational fields of information security, cyber security, IT governance, data protection and emergency management.

Management, consulting and auditing experience as an IT manager, consultant, auditor/auditor and risk manager in various federal agencies, international banks, auditors and medium-sized businesses in Germany and abroad.

As a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and through regular publications and several years of consulting, auditing and lecturing activities, Mr. Rothmann is a proven expert in the field of general IT and especially information security.


  • The situation in building automation
  • Cyber Security in Smart Buildings (Video, Access, Networks)
  • Innovations and changes or challenges
  • Do what? Effective and economical approaches, consulting and cyber security products from the installer environment.

Michael Meissner und Hardo Naumann:
Cyber security for video security systems

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		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Hardo Naumann

Hardo Naumann (picture)
Accellence Technologies GmbH, Hanover

  • born in 1964
  • Since 1992 software development for video technology
  • 1992 - 2000 Sican GmbH, Hanover
  • Since 2000 Accellence Technologies GmbH, Hanover
  • General Manager Alarm Receiving Solutions
  • Responsible for EBÜS (
  • Participation in the BHE technical committees Video and NSL, speaker at BHE seminars
  • Author of various technical articles on video security technology

Michael Meissner
AEviso Technology Co. Ltd, Taiwan

  • born in 1963
  • Since 1983 in video security technology
  • 1983 - 1999 Videotronic International GmbH
  • 1999 - 2013 HeiTel Digital Video GmbH, Managing Partner
  • Since 2013 Partner and CEO of AEviso Technology Co, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
  • Since 2010 Chairman of the BHE Video Committee
  • Speaker and moderator at BHE congresses
  • Author of various technical articles on video security technology


In many places today video security systems (VSS) are planned or already existing. Especially VSS with internet connection offer very comfortable possibilities to view and evaluate video images. However, the connection to the Internet or the cloud is also fraught with risk with respect to the protection goals of confidentiality, integrity and availability: hacker attacks, faulty software in the devices and control systems, backdoors and malware can digitally destroy, compromise, read out or even externally control IP cameras to attack other targets.

The topic of security is usually intuitively associated with attacks from outside. Consequently, with the usual firewall settings, especially those connections that are established from outside (from the Internet) to inside (into the private network, LAN) are subject to strict rules. On the other hand, the establishment of connections from the inside to the outside is usually not or only slightly regulated in order not to impair the access of users to the various worldwide Internet applications and services.

Cyber security in video security systems has become more and more important in recent years and we show with which means and measures the planner and installer can safely plan and install a VSS.

Dr. Ulrich Dieckert:
Installation of smart home devices: what is to be observed legally?

security essen: 
		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Ulrich Dieckert


Attorney Dr. Ulrich Dieckert is a senior partner of the law firm DIECKERT Law and Taxes, which advises the construction and building industry, among others. Dr. Dieckert specializes in the law of building services engineering, which includes security technology equipment and smart home devices.

Dr. Dieckert is active as a speaker at congresses and trade fairs in the security industry. His numerous publications on the subject are available at

Wilfried Joswig:
Panel discussion: BIM (Building Information Modeling) - New trend for planners and installers?

security essen: 
		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Wilfried Joswig

Managing Director, The Association for Safety Technology
Managing Director, VfS Forum für Sicherheit GmbH

Other activities:

  • Member of the board ASW-Bund
  • Member of the advisory board of the NBS
  • Consultant at the IHK Stade, project management

Previous activities:

  • 1999 to 2011 Project Management Director at Siemens AG (later Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH und Co KG)
  • 1988 to 1999 Siemens Gebäudetechnik Nord team leader for project planning and implementation, team leader for strategic projects (hospitals, prisons, airports, tunnels) and event locations (theatres)
  • Consultant for engineering offices
  • Sector manager correctional facilities
  • Cooperation in various associations
  • 1978 to 1988 Siemens ESA, planning of communications and security technology equipment for military projects, studio technology for radio, television and broadcasting vans, control centres for fire brigade and police, special technologies
  • Trainings and presentations


  • Telecommunications craftsman at Deutsche Telekom
  • Dipl. Ing. Communications Engineering FH of the Deutsche Telekom

Ilan Leonard Selz:
Legal requirements for the protection of trade secrets

security essen: 
		security essen_2020_DNS Kongress_Ilan Leonard Selz

LL. M. (Minnesota), Attorney at Law, Senior Associate, SCHÜRMANN ROSENTHAL DREYER Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB

  • Many years of experience in IT and data protection law, admitted to the bar since the beginning of 2018
  • Since 2018 Lawyer with Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer Berlin
  • Trainee lawyer at the Berlin Court of Appeal with stations at the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and various major international law firms (focus: compliance, IT data protection law)
  • Diverse experience through legal advice to various companies on know-how and trade secret protection against external and internal risks, in and out of court
  • Comprehensive data protection support, for example for ABK (Allgemeine Beamten Bank AG) and Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Digital Engineering GmbH
  • Implementation of digitization projects in various industries and creation of concepts for customer data analysis and individual customer approach (Big Data), data usage concepts and content management
  • PhD project on the topic "Criminal liability of legal data espionage by employees".


Those who have not already taken action and taken appropriate measures to keep valuable trade secrets secret should do so at the latest since the adoption of the Trade Secret Act in April 2019. In order to benefit from the legal protection of secrets, information worthy of protection must be identified and categorized in the company and protection concepts must be developed and implemented. The focus should be on concluding confidentiality agreements (also known as "non-disclosure agreements") with employees and business partners.

Lawyer Ilan Leonard Selz will explain to you in a practice-oriented manner what is important. The presentation will focus on the high value of trade secrets for innovation growth, a summary of the new (European) legal framework, the implementation of appropriate confidentiality measures and the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement in case of a violation of your trade secrets.