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Fire protection forum

The Fire Protection Forum, organized in cooperation with Haus der Technik, will take place on the third and fourth days of the fair in Hall 7 and will provide comprehensive information on fire prevention and firefighting with exciting presentations and discussions.

Participation opportunity for exhibitors as sponsors

Would you like to attract more attendee attention beyond your booth and are interested in being sponsor of Fire Prevention Forum? Here you will find several possibilities to participate:

Presentations of the Fire Protection Forum

The fire protection forum will be moderated by Dipl.-Ing. Kai Brommann (Haus der Technik e. V.).
1st day, 22.09.2022
11:00- 11:45 am Michael Buschmann
Head of International Business Development Management, TROX GmbH
Special features of fire protection in exhibition halls
11:45 am-12:30 pm Dr. Christian Wittenzellner
Fires - causes, effects and human involvement
12:30-01:15 pm J├╝rgen Ortlepp
Bayer AG
Danger perception
02:00-02:45 pm Dipl.Ing. Dirk Aschenbrenner
Director of fire brigade Dortmund and vfdb-president
New technologies and innovations in fire protection - News from research and development
02:45-03:30 pm Christian Liebezeit
Use of drones in fire protection
03:30-04:15 pm Alfons Moors
IFS - Institute for Loss Prevention and Loss Research of Public Insurers e.V.
"Making sense of damage" - examples of damage from the practice of fire cause investigation
2nd day, 23.09.2022
11:00-11:45 am Thomas Gulitz
fire brigade Gelsenkirchen
Fire protection in the Arena of Schalke
11:45 am-12:30 pm Lars Oliver Laschinsky
Institute for Safety and Hazard Training and member of vfdb Section 9 Operational Hazard Prevention and Crisis Management.
1st Chairman of the Association of Fire Protection Officers in Germany e.V. (VBBD)
Fire protection in basic IT protection
Linking safety and security
12:30-01:15 pm RA Dr. Markus Wintterle
Insquare lawyers
Personal liability in fire protection - also me?
02:00-02:45 pm Sven Kuhlmann
DS Brandschutz GmbH
Experimental presentation