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Product range

System ZZ-Fire protection mastic NE ETA-13/0093

System ZZ-Fire protection mastic NE ETA-13/0093
  • Especially suited for: small through penetration seals in rigid walls and rigid floors, as well as flexible walls, cables up to 21 mm diameter
  • Maximum dimensions of the through penetration firestop system width x height or Ø: 100 mm x 100 mm / Ø 113 mm
  • Minimum penetration seal thickness [mm]: 100 mm (rigid wall, flexible wall), 150 mm (rigid floor)
  • Minimum fill depth (per side): 15 mm (PE cords or mineral wool can be used as backfill material)
  • Maximum spatial allocation of penetrating elements: 60 %
Product range

System ZZ-Fire protection foam 2K NE ETA-11/0206

System ZZ-Fire protection foam 2K NE ETA-11/0206

The fire protection foam is particularly well-suited for fast and flexible closure of small and medium-sized through penetration firestop systems. A package with six cartridges of ZZ-Fire protection
foam 2K NE, twelve mixing nozzles, six pairs of gloves, as well as one roll of duct tape, is delivered. The casing tape is outstandingly suited as a casing aid for ZZ-Fire protection foam 2K NE (twocomponent penetration seal foam). Through use of the new cordless DynamicMax 380 ml dispensing gun, multiple cartridges can be quickly and conveniently processed in succession.

Easy retroactive installation
After the end of the reaction, the permanently elastic structure of the penetration seal enables easy retroactive installation. Retroactive installations can simply be poked through the existing
foam. Gaps that occur due to removal of cables or pipes can easily be refilled with the ZZ-Fire protection foam 2K NE.

Single-product solution
If the fire resistance class EI 90 is required, the fire protection foam suffices as a “single-product solution”. No additional material components or work steps are necessary to produce a permanent
and reliable through penetration firestop system.

Optimal processing
The optimal match between the beginning of the reaction and hardening enables sufficiently long work interruptions, as well as fast work progress, for the user of the foam, which is intumescent
in the event of fire. The high material viscosity prevents the foam from running out of the component opening. With the system, ZZ-Fire protection foam 2K NE, mixed penetration seals up to EI 90 or cable penetration seals up to EI 120 can be produced.

Company profile

ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN has been offering innovative fire safety systems for more than 25 years, specialising in the areas of cable, pipe and combination penetration seals, as well as fire safety joint seals.

In addition to our proven product line of intumescent moulded parts made of PU penetration seal foam, we also offer other construction materials, such as silicone and acrylic for civil engineering, tunnel construction, shipbuilding, and rail vehicles.

In the course of harmonising fire safety in Europe, ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN GmbH tests its fire safety systems in accordance with the European test conditions to obtain a European Technical Approval.