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Patented cloud door-lock opening access control system

Patented cloud door-lock opening access control system

VRCN has developed a patented digital door-opening security solution based on their cloud identity authentication mechanism in the virtual access controller with use of a mobile credential in the form of dynamic QR code changing every five seconds to prevent copying. Traditional physical access controllers are not needed.

  • Patented cloud based access control solution branded as idLink - there is no local hardware controll; users and administrators can simply log-onto their web cloud accounts and perform all access control and data set ups, such as assigning readers to corresponding doors, issuing virtual cards to relevant staff, setting up door access and time attendance scheduling and anti-passback issuing temporary visitor mobile passes and generating different forms of reports, and more.
  • While majority of access control system and software can work only in Windows environment, idLink cloud access control works perfectly in both PC and / or MAC system via browser like Safari.
  • VRCN has also developed its idLink Mobile App, where inside a dynamic QR Code is generated to replace the traditional physical ID badge or RFID card. The Dynamic QR Code will also change every five seconds to prevent copying.
  • Specially tuned card reader with RJ45 connection (or WiFi) to router and relay output to electronic lock and / or alarm for easy flexible on-site installation. The reader supports both Dynamic QR Code and RFID card operation.
  • All bi-directional data communications among system components, like from cloud to and from mobile app / readers are AES256 encrypted.
  • Yearly subscription-based AccessControl-as-a- Service (ACaaS) enabled with three packages of services, which are Primary Edition , Business and Enterprise Edition .
  • API support functional extension to facilities booking, payment, CRM and IoT integration, and more - to provide better customer experience on separate cover.
Company news

Open a Door without using any Physical Door Controller, Play with our New Patented System at Hall 6 Booth 6F15

A Simplier, More Secure and Cost-Effective Cloud Access Control System

The use of Cloud Virtual Controller  and Personalized Virtual Card  on mobile have earned VRCN Ltd . the new invention patent in door-opening.  Apart from applications in access control via configuration on cloud, the novel system is able to render a new seamless user experience in visitor accreditation to an event or venue. 

More importantly, the cost of access control deployment is much more cost-effective than conventional practice because of a simpler but more secure system architecture.

Seamless User Experience in Visitor Accreditation & API Integration to other IoT Systems

With our system, a customer can now buy a ticket online, download a secure e-Pass in dynamic QR code which keeps changing in every 5 seconds to prevent copying, and perform auto-accreditation by presenting that Pass to a reader embedded at the turnstile or kiosk which is linked to the network only but not any physical controller.

Via API integration, our cloud system can also help third party e-platforms to issue Browser Based Visitor Pass in Dynamic QR Codes to their members or customers.  You are welcomed to test this by clicking HERE and registering at our testing site of BooknMeet e-platform.


You'll receive an email where a URL instituted there will render a Browser Based Dynamic QR Code which will only show up during the effective show period.  Then, use that Mobile e-Pass and play with our readers at our booth in Essen, including the anti-passback function assigned over cloud.

Upon receiving your registration of system test, VRCN is most pleased to send you the official FREE VISITOR PASS of Essen Security Show, which will save you Euro 41 for a day ticket, as a token of your kind support.

Please write to Jack Wong  if you want to get more information or schedule a demo before the show.  Thank you!

Media Contact: Kenneth Cheung
Email: kcheung@idmgt.net

Company profile

VRCN Ltd. has invested in R&D and offers the patented cloud door-opening access control solution of our own named idLink.  This attributes to two critical elements we have developed.  First, it is our unique identity authentication mechanism without using any physical door-controller on-site but via our virtual controller on cloud.  Second, it is a non-UID based mobile ID appeared as a dynamic QR code on a mobile phone changing once every 5 seconds, which prevents copying of the user's identity. 

Such foundation puts us through to rendering a cost-effective AccessControl-as-a-Service (ACaaS) and empowers VRCN to render Subscription Based access control services to the general security market on top of one-off equipment / solution sales.  Without using any physical door controller but common cloud language protocol and API, our access control solution is also more price competitive and esay to integrate with e-platform applications.

​This Cloud Door Lock Opening Solution has already obtained the new invention patent in different countries, such as Germany, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (and patent approval process is undergoing globally).  VRCN offers a unique but secure identity to a user.  This builds the foundation critical to further integration into other digital applications such as IoT, Smart Building and Smart City, etc.