Scinawska 3
PL 60-178 Poznan
Mr. Kacper Rozycki

Company profile

We have been sharing our knowledge, passion and experience of technical security systems and software solutions for 18 years . We offer effective solutions and create new systems that to market niches. In one product we combine technologies from many fields / branches - precisely tailoring to the customer's needs. You will be surprise by our innovative approach to challenges and a wide range of services that allow to optimize implementing costs of new technologies.


  • electronic entries, exits and human traffic
  • multi-level system of permissions and / or retrieving from external systems
  • integration with IT systems (accounting and warehouse software, logistic systems, access control systems)
  • control of barriers, information boards, pass printers, ID card readers, etc.
  • parking cash register service
  • information exchange of the client's systems of or tenants
  • system resources access using any web browser the ability to capture and archive selected streams of IP cameras needed for additional documentation of procedure.