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The Stealth Key: the world’s 1st 3D metal printed key.

The Stealth Key: the world’s 1st 3D metal printed key.


The Challenge

Due to increased mass-market access to 3D printers and scanners, the high security keys of offices or houses can be easily copied by anybody. Today even a kid can copy a key by just taking a picture of the key biting (the teeth) and printing a plastic duplicate using a home 3D-Home-Depot-Printer.

The major risk comes from former employees, from janitors to former partners where anyone could have made a copy of your key to enter your facility or house. Even worse, they could auction the key on the internet and darknet to the highest bidder. Alarmingly, whenever the plastic copy is used it will leave nearly no forensic evidence, leaving no proof of crime for claims against the insurance company.

The Solution

The Stealth Key: the world’s 1st 3D metal printed key. A mechanical key hiding its mechanical security code inside, so it cannot be seen and, therefore, cannot be photographed or scanned. A superior level of key copy protection to address the growing security breach of unauthorized key copies by the masses.


  • Revolutionary technology with unique and superior key copy protection
  • Purely mechanical solutions that significantly reduce the duplication risk of high security keys
  • Key cuts that are practically invisible. They cannot be seen, photographed or scanned
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • NO maintenance. NO batteries. NO cables. NO magnets. NO errors
  • ULTIMATE CUSTOMISATION of cut design and key production
  • Zero Management. Zero Overhead.



The Stealth Key is arguably the most awarded key in the world and has reached the final round of the “Security innovation award” of Security Essen 2018, from a total of 75 worldwide submissions. With a large portfolio of clients and partners, UrbanAlps is already selling Stealth systems to some of the biggest US army contractors, weapon storage companies and security deposit boxes.

 About UrbanAlps AG Switzerland 

Founded in Switzerland by pioneering engineers with expertise in high security and 3D metal printing, security firm UrbanAlps employs Stealth Technology for mechanical keys, cylinders and padlocks for commercial and governmental clients worldwide. At the core of the company is an advanced engineering laboratory based in Zürich, Switzerland. Satellite offices have also been established in Dubai (UAE) and Prague (CZ).

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Product range

STEALTH PADLOCK, Stealth technology coupled with aerospace materials

STEALTH PADLOCK, Stealth technology coupled with aerospace materials

Superalloy housing to resist prolonged liquid nitrogen attacks

Shackle and Housing made of superalloy material, same material which is used in SpaceX rocket engines and gas turbines. 
First time ever in the security industry, resistant to prolonged liquid nitrogen attacks and high temperature torch attacks. 
For maximum resistance to attacks the StealthPadlock is equipped with the Stealth Key to provide maximum key duplication protection and shrouded shackle to avoid cutting and grinding attacks. 
The heavy duty StealthPadlock is Class 4 Resistance Certificated, maximum certification achieved by padlocks.

  • high temperature torch attacks
  • extreme weather conditions
  • prolonged liquid nitrogen attacks
  • drilling resistant
  • sawing resistant
  • cutting resistant
  • Stealth key copy protected

High risk sectors
Ideal for perimeter security and any location where extreme weather conditions and potential attacks require the highest level of resistance and key copy protection.

Energy and Utilities / Data Centres and Corporations
Governmental Assets / Border Control & Airports
Oil and Gas Platforms / Secure Transport & Logistics
Military Facilities / Manufacturing Facilities

Company profile

UrbanAlps AG specializes in high-tech security solutions in the mechanical lock and key sector. At the core of the company is an advanced engineering laboratory based in Zürich, Switzerland. Their unique, patented Stealth Technology employs cutting edge 3D metal printing techniques to produce Stealth Keys and cylinders with unparalleled levels of duplication security.

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