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Traka's new Traka Touch Pro range: intelligent key cabinets

Traka's new Traka Touch Pro range: intelligent key cabinets

Traka, part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, is pleased to announce the release of its latest intelligent key cabinets, Traka Touch Pro. Comprising of four products, differing in sizes to suit customer needs, the Traka Touch Pro range builds upon the strong foundations of its predecessor, Traka Touch, with enhancements.

Built to last

  • New mechanical design elements further enhance the security, durability and life of the product 
  • Adjustable Traka door hinges are tested to over one million cycles and are recessed to reduce vulnerability from attack 

Built for simplicity

  • Improved ease of use and installation  
  • Uniform look and feel across the range facilitates easy identification and improved space planning 

Built for flexibility

  • Greater storage capacity ensures larger key sets can be accommodated across all systems 
  • A sleek, modern and modular design blends with most environments; easier to install, service, and decommission, thus minimizing disruption and maximizing time in service 

Built with sustainability in mind

  • Uses sustainable, 100 per cent recyclable materials and manufacturing techniques to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint 
  • Readily disposable and environmentally-friendly packaging reduces transportation weight, costs, and fuel usage and is easier to reuse and recycle
Product range

Introducing the Traka Touch Pro Series​ The standard in managing keys and equipment

Introducing the Traka Touch Pro Series​ The standard in managing keys and equipment

Traka Touch Pro range ensures that only the right people access keys and devices that are fundamental to your business at the right time. 

Product range

Tablet and Laptop Lockers

Tablet and Laptop Lockers

Our laptop locker solutions enable businesses to better protect their technology and intellectual property while gaining complete visibility and improving critical processes.

Traka's laptop lockers enable you to secure, audit and manage your valuable technology investment, resulting in 100% user accountability, better utilization and a significant reduction in loss or damage.

With a complete audit trail over all user activity and real-time notifications, users naturally act more responsibly and efficiently with company assets. This means less theft, less damage, and increased productivity with technology usage.

Product range

Modular Locker

Modular Locker

Traka’s modular lockers provide the flexible framework to create a locker system that precisely fits the needs of any organization.

Modular locker solutions allow for operation as a standalone system or can be managed by TrakaWEB for the ultimate administrative control. As with our other intelligent locker systems, protected items are only available to authorized users, and a complete audit trail is captured for all user activity. This means your assets are secure, and your users are always accountable for the items they access. 

With a range of compartment sizes, charging options, access methods and complete integration, Traka’s modular lockers provide the ultimate solution in asset management. These systems provide flexibility for various types of assets and are useful when multiple types of different assets need to be managed together.

Company profile

Traka is the global leader in intelligent management solutions for keys and equipment. Our solutions help all types of organizations better control their important assets, improving productivity and accountability, and reducing risk in critical processes.

We continuously invest in the development of our technology to provide leading, innovative, secure and effective real-world solutions to the challenges that organizations face in managing keys and equipment, which have such a high impact on the way their organization is run. Our solutions are tailored to customer needs and requirements, providing the most value and impact on their business.

Traka is a global organization with local support, working to defined processes so that we are local when you need us and global when it counts.

Traka is part of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions , dedicated to reimagining how people move through their world. Our expertise in customer journey mapping, innovation and service design leads to the invention of new security solutions that create value for our clients and exceptional experiences for end users.