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Ticto Badgeholder and App

Ticto Badgeholder and App

The Ticto Badgeholder introduces a simple yet highly effective new approach called visual authorization. The technology allows validating authorization in an easy and intuitive way. It leverages your existing access badges but adds an additional layer of security enabling both human and automated validation of authorized presence.

The Ticto App home screen allows you to control your wearable and see its status at a glance. With one tap you can access all of your information, send alerts, see people around you and receive notifications of what is going on around you. Ticto provides a solution that truly engages people in protecting your company’s assets.

Company profile

Ticto is a security start-up and pioneer in making authorization visible. Each Ticto wearable allows to instantly see whether people or objects are authorized to be at a specific location or event, or to use a specific tool or vehicle. Whereas most existing physical security solutions focus on controlling access, Ticto focuses on actual authorized presence. Our unique and patented technology improves security in sensitive areas and high-risk places by eliminating existing problems like tailgating, badges being passed on, expired or falsified. Ticto makes security visible.