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RU 196626 p. Shushary, St.-Petersburg
Mr. Vladimir Avramenko
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New items will be presented

UPS 300W/48V/DIN - Uninterruptible power supply unit for DIN rail (U=48V, I=4.5A, Icharge=1.0A)

UPS 30W/DIN - Uninterruptible power supply unit for DIN rail (U=13.6V, I=2.05A, Icharge=0.5A)

120W/12-24V/DIN - Power supply for DIN rail (possibility to set any voltage in the range from 12V to 24V). Ultra slim case.

Company profile

Who we are

Faraday Electronics Company  was founded in 2011 by  power supply specialists. We design and manufacture reliable switching power supplies. For example, power supplies were developed with the ability to set any output voltage in the range from 12V to 24V using an adjustable resistor.

Our products are manufactured under TM TD-FE®.  The trademark is protected  by Madrid - The International Trademark System.


What we can do for you

We design and manufacture Power Supplies according to customer requests. Key Power Supplies also have the capability to modify or custom build products to suit your application.

Faraday Power Supplies comply with international standards for reliability and consumer properties because  we do not use simplified circuit solutions and cheap components in the design and manufacture of Switching Power Supplies.

The warranty period for our products is at least two years.