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Products and innovations

Atradis< - the cloudbased All-in-One application

In times of crisis it is important to maintain an overview and to be well prepared.

Whether lightning strikes in your data center, floods or an emergency in production - the Smart Event Communication Platform Atradis<Alert helps you to take appropriate steps at the first critical signs.

The modules from TCC are fully tailored to your needs. Choose between a web-based solution, an on-premise version to be installed in your data center or a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of both variants. Atradis<Alert supports you in optimizing existing work processes, in networking machines and specialists and in acting quickly and effectively in emergency and crisis situations.


Product range

Atradis< Suite

Atradis< Suite


Your business success is based on the flawless operation of your telecommunications, hardware and software, efficiently set up processes and a secure, highly available IT infrastructure.

TCC's ICT Service Management Suite is present in all products of the ATRADIS< family. ICT service management is the core solution and guarantor for the high quality of the services provided. It is also the basis for TCC's managed service and the monitoring of your systems and service level agreements.

All Atradis< products are also available as SaaS (Software as a Service) versions. Atradis<Cloud solutions are operated in secure, georedundant and highly available data centers. Highest standards according to German and EU standards guarantee performance and safety.

The scope of services, availability and data security show a significantly better performance than comparable "on premise" solutions.

Our Atradis<products support you with the legal regulations for documentation and operation of your IT.

Atradis<Phone, the all-in-one phone service

Atradis<Phone is not a standardized solution as it is completely tailored to your needs. Control all your collaboration and communication services as well as your business apps conveniently from a central application. With Atradis<Phone you and your team can access all information from anywhere and from any device. Use integrated HD video, voice, messaging, screen sharing and conferencing services. All your services are accessible from any of your devices.

Atradis<Alert, the alarm and crisis management service

Critical situations can arise in many areas. This is precisely why it is important to be prepared in an emergency so that appropriate measures can be initiated.

Atradis<Alert uses light call systems, monitoring systems, distance monitoring, emergency call systems, fire alarms and the monitoring of the essential infrastructure components, but also spontaneously occurring events such as accidents or epidemics as the trigger for the alarm chains. All communication channels are used for information transmission, acknowledgement and documentation. Atradis<Alert does it all on a single system platform; powerful, high-performance, easily scalable and secure. Atradis<Alert is a modular crisis management system and adapts to your needs, not vice versa.

Atradis<CMDB, IT Service Management and Network Documentation

IT infrastructure facilities are the backbone of all corporate communications. This aspect is of particular importance from a safety-related point of view. If you want to protect something, you first need to know exactly what needs to be protected. This makes it all the more important to document, monitor and control IT systems and networks, also against the background of constantly tightening legislation.

Atradis< CMDB is used for planning, documentation and administration of your IT infrastructures and provides a comprehensive view of all assets and effective control of all services in your company.

Atradis<CMDB takes over with its modules all tasks for a smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. Our innovative software solutions permanently provide all relevant information and thus contribute to efficient decision making in your company.

Intelligence. Efficiency. Transparency.

Atradis<Accounting, cost accounting for all IT services

The costs of IT are determined by different requirements, investments, operating and communication costs. Temporary costs must be billed on the basis of the originator. Atradis<Accounting is the secure processing of call data from the cloud to create cost records for your telephony costs. The connection data of your telephone system is transferred to the system, priced and provided in monthly evaluations.


Company profile

          Critical situations threaten every company.

          But, do YOU even need an alarm and crisis management solution?

If you work in the environment of machines, devices or people, the answer is quite clearly: Yes!

The Smart Event Communication Platform Atradis<Alert supports you in optimizing existing workflows, in networking machines and specialists and in acting quickly and effectively in emergency and crisis situations.

TCC presents ATRADIS<Alert, a cloud-based alarm service with a very good price/performance ratio. ATRADIS


  • alarm
  • provide information
  • co-ordinate

TCC has been licensed by the Federal Network Agency as a provider of telecommunications services for many years. In line with market requirements, TCC now provides the all-in-one telephone service Atradis<Phone. It uses the technology of BroadSoft, the world market leader for cloud telephony.

TCC has been an independent provider of sophisticated communication solutions for almost 30 years.

TCC has always focused on customer-oriented consulting, qualified planning, demand-oriented implementation and provides a 24/7 service with variable service levels. Our employees always work at the highest level of certification.

In addition to its innovative communication services, the company also has extensive software know-how. ATRADIS< ® V8 - Next Generation All IN ONE software for cable network documentation and service management. It offers a tailor-made and individual solution to make investments in a company's network infrastructure future-proof and to meet the requirements of the IT Security Act and the European Data Protection Directive. Atradis< interacts manufacturer-independently and offers a comprehensive overview of all network components ,but also of the entire communication costs, generates traffic analyses, reports and much more.

TCC uses the service management tool ATRADIS <®V8 for monitoring the technical system of Atradis

If you would like to know more about Atradis< and how we can assist your company with security-related issues, please contact us.

We look forward to your call!

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