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Company profile

We have more than 25 years of experience and comprehensive technical expertise in developing solutions for Fire and Rescue Service. Based on a single source we offer a wide range of complete solutions. Individually customizable systems put us in a position to provide optimal solutions for every customer requirement. Our solutions are 64-bit Windows based with consistently uniform operating manner.

The dispatch system DALLES is a modern software package coming along with a powerful Oracle Database. This provides a high degree of safety and stability. In Germany and Austria more than 40 control centers already work with DALLES. Our customers are regional control centers, integrated control centers, centers of fire brigades, as well as private emergency transport and patient transport companies. As an advantage, we have an own fully integrated geographic information system that meets all requirements of a modern GIS. Our strengths lie in operating various interfaces, for example alarm, radio, fire alarm systems and others.

Our billing system DAKTA collects, processes and invoices rescue operations and patient transports. It supports from data collection to monitoring the payments.

DAVINCI is an independent solution with valuable synergies for DALLES and DAKTA. It offers not only transport data recording but also a variety of mobility tasks for vehicles: order management, transport report, navigation system, emergency protocol.

We are certified to the ISO 9001 standard.