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About Swissphone 

The Swissphone Group is a leading international supplier of modern and reliable alerting and communication solutions. Swissphone produces robust paging terminals for the alerting of public safety organisations (emergency services) and designs secure alerting networks. Furthermore, the company develops innovative software solutions for resource management. Swissphone products are world renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. The company excels with its impressive expertise and unique experience in understanding and setting up wireless communication systems. Swissphone operates the Swiss national Telepage paging network, which is used by most of the emergency service organisations for alerting. The reliable and secure Telepage network is also commonly used in sensitive industrial and commercial areas as well as by private companies for their emergency messaging responsibilities.


Swissphone was founded in 1969 by Helmut and Erika Köchler and has a global workforce of approximately 250 employees. The corporate headquarters and the production facilities are located in Switzerland. The company has a prominent market presence in Germany, Austria, France and the U.S.


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