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Product range

Certification of fire and security solutions

Certifying products
We ensure that products fulfil and comply with applicable requirements – and continue to do so over time. With product certification, you certify that your product is high quality.

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Monitoring and Alarm receiving centres
The European standard, EN 50518, deals with monitoring and alarm receiving centres which receive and process intruder and hold-up alarm systems via traditional alarm systems and CCTV systems, etc.

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Cyber Security

Apply for SSF 1101 Cyber Security BASIC and protect your business against the most common cyber threats.

A certificate issued in accordance with this standard demonstrates that you take information security seriously and have implemented basic IT security at your business. The standard sets forth the requirements necessary for the basic level of IT security for small and medium-sized companies and organisations. SSF is the Swedish Theft Prevention Association.

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Certifying systems
We certify and assist in auditing management systems. Certified management systems make it easier to develop, follow-up and ensure quality in your operations.

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Company profile

Scandinavia’s leading certification body in fire safety and security
SBSC was founded in 1997 and is owned by the Swedish Fire Protection Association together with the Swedish Theft Prevention Association. By offering the market’s most sought after certifications within the areas of fire safety and security, we contribute to the development of high-quality fire and security solutions. Solutions which save lives and property.

Accreditation by Swedac
Issuing certificates requires the proper expertise and independence in making assessments. SBSC is accredited by the state authority, Swedac (Sweden’s national accreditation body), in the following accreditation areas: notified bodies, authorised fire alarm engineers, alarm-receiving centres, security cabinets, grates/grilles and locks, doors, windows, hatches, gates and related building hardware and quality, environmental, and work environment management systems.

Notified Body in accordance with the EU Construction Product Regulation
We are notified body no 2391 in accordance with EU construction product regulation No 305/20111. This means that we are an independent organisation that possesses the expertise to supervise and assist manufacturers in verifying that products released on the market comply with EU rules.

Members of the European Fire and Security Group (EFSG)
We are members of the European Fire and Security Group – a platform for expertise for testing and certification consisting of a group of certification bodies who work together with associated testing laboratories. We ensure the quality of safety systems and facilitate the access of providers to the European market.