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Products and innovations

NGS3600 IP communication management system

NGS3600 IP communication management system

STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions GmbH presents the main topics like integrated control centers and communications technologies, eCall and digital radio integration, control centers network solutions as well as digital alerting.

The NGS3600 IP communication management system presents the newest generation of powerful and failsafe voice switch for safety-relevant use. 

The NGS3600 is an integrated system platform for switching emergency calls and conventional telephone calls, for new communication media like AML, mobile phone tracking and video calls as well as digital voice groups and voice signals to different media. 

The operation and user guidance makes use of a separate, designable, touch-optimised GUI or is integrated via 3rd party systems.

The system architecture allows the implementation of different control center sizes and of organizational requirements as well as virtualization solution for embedding in the IT environment of our customers. The central or decentral and georedundant architecture is a performance feature.

Company profile

STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions (formerly Center Communication Systems) is a 100% subsidiary of STRABAG AG that offers communication and safety solutions for public institutions, public and private transport, industry and companies in a variety of sectors. Our range of services includes everything from highly available products and systems to the installation and operation of end-to-end solutions as general contractor.

Thanks to many years of experience in the creation and system integration of various control centres, STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions, short SISS, offers a wide range of system solutions for different fields of applications and customers.

Emergency organisations, for example, which require a rapid and secure access to a variety of resources, benefit particularly from this Know-How.

SISS offers modern and highly-secure technologies for public authorities, organisations and companies for the digital alerting and notifying of emergency services in the case of an emergency, the population in the event of a catastrophe or employees in the premises of an industrial plant.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • VoIP Communication Management Systems
  • Control Centre Consoles and Furniture
  • TETRA Redundant Operation Units, Status- and Fallback Solutions
  • Station PA Systems
  • Digital Alarm Converters
  • Digital Alarm Units and Encoders and Telecontrol Receivers for Sirens
  • Indoor Radio Systems
  • Mobile Data Terminals for Emergency Vehicles