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Company profile

Since 1987, SORHEA has designed and manufactured electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems aimed at securing sensitive sites, both industrial and private. Sorhea continues to innovate to meet the highest level of security requirements as well as bringing significant added value to its customers. With the largest and most complete product range on the market, Sorhea supplies; active infrared barriers, shock detection cables, thermal cameras, laser detectors, dual-tech motion detectors and more. Applications include nuclear power plants, prisons, chemical industries, oil & gas, airports, utilities and logistics sites.

Experience, technical and market knowledge: the key components that make SORHEA a successful brand.

SORHEA is part of the VITAPROTECH Group, French leader and key European manufacturer on the security market, whose mission is to provide access security to professional sites.

Comprising 10 companies with 380 employees worldwide, the VITAPROTECH Group is a specialist in intrusion, access control and intelligent video. The group also offers surveillance and video analysis solutions. VITAPROTECH is involved in 12 business sectors, divided into four divisions: Human (education, health), State (public, legal and military agencies), Economy (energy production, finance, transport) and Technology (electronic communication, audio-visual, industry, aeronautics and research).