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The 1st layer security devices for your device's in/output port.

Why physical IT security:

The topic of security and protection of sensitive data and thus the management of IT security is becoming increasingly important due to the ever-increasing complexity and dangers as well as increasing requirements of the authorities (EU-GDPR). So security control is more and more challenging against inside leaking and hacking from outside. Therefore, especially technology-oriented and innovative companies as well as public institutions, CRITIS companies, cities and municipalities as well as universities or hospitals have to increasingly face these challenges and ensure protection against unauthorized access via input/output ports.


SMARTKEEPER is a physical IT security solution that offers a variety of options for accessing all critical input and output ports of IT hardware, such as: USB ports, network ports of PCs, switches, printers or servers - mechanically locking and unlocking those input and output ports. SMARTKEEPER is the additional physical security layer to all existing software-based security products. It is an additional security wall right at the input and output ports against intruders - for which there has been little or no protection at all so far. SMARTKEEPER thus contributes significantly to preventing the possibilities of industrial hacking, data theft and the invasion of harmful software - both internally and externally - and to optimally protect sensitive data and information. In view of the EU GDPR and the ISO27001 as well as the advice of the BSI on the topic IT-Grundschutz, the SMARTKEEPER products are predestined for the security of the I/O Ports.

How does SMARTKEEPER work?

SMARTKEEPER is a completely independent security concept that requires no software installation and reduces the cost of maintenance and control. This makes SMARTKEEPER a very flexible, efficient, uncomplicated and easy-to-manage system. The SMARTKEEPER products can only be mechanically locked and unlocked with the SMARTKEEPER universal key specially created for each customer. SMARTKEEPER offers an extremely high level of security and access control for each by providing individually customized lock and key pattern.
The respective lock and key patterns are customized and registered per customer and location and only registered customer can reorder exactly the same locks and keys at a later date as needed. All critical ports can be manually equipped with the mechanical locks - it can be easily opened and closed as needed by customized key, simplifying port management compared to complex software solutions.

This is the reason why more than 500 globally leading companies already use SMARTKEEPER products for physical IT security.        

The booth in the interactive hall overview

The booth in the interactive hall overview