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Product range

Security seals, RFID seals and systems, smart gate readers


  • plastic and metal security seals of adjustable or fixed length: perfect for securing bags, containers, closets, storage and office rooms, means of transport, etc.
  • bolt seals and cable seals: specialised security seals used in transporting high value goods
  • verification security seals in the form of adhesive labels necessary where the lack of a mechanic lock prevents the product from sealing with the above mentioned seals
  • secure pouches and bags for easy storage or transport of cash, documents or other valuable objects
  • meter seals: a perfect solution for securing valves, devices, meters, etc.
  • RFID seals

RFID - Radio-frequency identification – it is a method that uses radio waves to transmit data and to supply power to electronic device (RFID labels), which is an element of an object, to identify the object by the reader.

Transponder seal with RFID system is the data storage medium of permanent nature, in contrast to the seals with a barcode. In addition, RFID chip, although hidden and invisible, allows you to read data from a certain distance.

Company profile

SILNY & SALAMON Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of security products, including RFID, bottle, plastic and metal security seals, secure pouches, labels, and tapes. The innovative RFID seals can be applied in maritime and land transport as well as in warehouses. It is a unique way to monitor the protected goods.

SILNY&SALAMON guarantees uniqueness and the certainty of identifying any undesirable manipulation. Security seals numbered with the use of laser technologies, in different colours, with printed logo or company name, enable identification and full control.