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WiFi and 4G Dual Network Smart Security Alarm System - Vcare 4

WiFi and 4G Dual Network  Smart Security Alarm System - Vcare 4

Vcare 4 is a smart security system which combines an all in one intruder alarm system including security camera, panic alarm, SOS service and home automation. It transmits alarm information through WiFi and 4G dual-network in a fast, safe and simple way.

Vcare 4 gives you complete control over your premises. Its benefits starting from distance monitoring, having 355 degree live footage using an internal PTZ camera, voice and sound from both ways allowing flawless conversation, excellent SOS service just at one click, automatic humidity and temperature update of your home and a lot more.

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NB-IoT Smart Fire Alarm Detector V-NB-SM

NB-IoT Smart Fire Alarm Detector V-NB-SM

In order to solve the independent installation of the smoke sensor, the alarm information can be transmitted to the terminal mobile phone without being connected to the network host. At the same time, to solve the technical problem of short battery life, the Patrol Hawk technical team applied the latest NB-IoT technology to the wireless smoke sensor V-NB-IoT, which tripled the battery standby time.

Product range

Wireless Smart Home Alarm Kit with 868Mhz and Alarm Monitoring System

Wireless Smart Home Alarm Kit with 868Mhz and Alarm Monitoring System

2016 New products! GSM/WIFI alarm system, Smart Home Alarm, Burglar Alarm With Live Video, Pepper Spray, Water Leakage Monitoring

Vcare is Patrol Hawk's latest product, which combines smart alarm, HD IP camera monitoring and elderly care all in one. It transmits alarm message through WiFi & gsm/gprs/3g dual network to ensure safe, fast and low cost. 

Smart Alarm Functions:

Be able to work with 99 sensors, 8 medical call buttons, 8 Emergency buttons, 4 water sensors, 4 IP cameras, 25 remote controllers.

Smart sensors comes with low battery alert and lost connection alert functions.

Scan QR code to add more sensors, simple and fast.

24 hours monitoring indoor temperature and humidity.

HD IP camera

Vcare HD IP camera is an eye for your house, your children, your parents and your pets to make sure they are safe and happy.

Pepper Spray for Preventing Crime

After confirming the intruder through Vcare IP camera, you could activate pepper spray to prevent crime through Vcare app and protect your family and property in safe.

Elderly Care

Medical call button will let you know once your parents do not feel good.

With smart GPS function, you wil never need to worry about your parents get lost, just slightly touch SOS button on Vcare app, start 6s video and share the location map to your family members.

Here is the Vcare demonstration video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9S-jH3r5ok


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About Patrol Hawk

Shenzhen Patrol Hawk Technology is the leading company in security alarm systems since 2003. We have vastly developed over the past decade and pride ourselves in our professional attitude, attention to detail and unique designs. We are a fully certified company, including ROHS, CE and BSCI and more than 20 software copyrights and product patents.

Our company is trusted throughout the world including UK, Germany, Denmark, Europe, USA, North America, Middle East, South Asia and more, selling our products to more than 100 million users.

In 2004, the first generation of Patrol Hawk GSM alarm system (PH-G-1) was launched successfully, creating a wireless security alarm era. In 2007, the GSM power system for outdoor power equipment was created; We became the first partner of the National Grid. State Grid, Kenya Power and Lighting Company and South Africa National Power Company.

In 2014, we entered a rapid development period. In this year, the designated security product suppliers by Kazakhstan and many other countries including France, Germany and Denmark by supplying our products to the ALDI supermarket chain stores. Recently, we have been developing our Wi-Fi Smart Security Systems - Vcare, which has the opportunity to provide our customers with a more secure and tranquil life style.

At Shenzhen Patrol Hawk, we take pride in our work and dedicate ourselves to making our world a safer and better place to live. Be part of us and let us bring happiness and success together. Shenzhen Patrol Hawk designs defense!