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What is SECmarket Business?

With the free application for computer, smartphone and tabloid you have the possibility to link up yourselves with the whole security economy.

Uncomplicated first contact:

About different advertisements and security stock exchanges.

So these plattforms are perfecr for:

  • Recruiter/job supplier
  • Principals,
  • Security Companies,
  • Equipment companies
  • Educational institutions of security

You´ve got access to a job stock exchange, order stock exchange and an educational stock exchange. For everybody there is the suitable stock exchange with special categories:

  • More than 111 areas of application
  • More than 120 educational possibilities
  • More than 70 equipment and service areas

As a Security enterprises:  Find better employee, partner and principal

As a principal:  Find better the suitable security enterprise for your event or your object

As an Equipment comany:  Find the suitable customers oft the security business

As an educational institut:  Find directly your prospective customers for your special offers


And for a good image:

An improved quality: The security trade wishes more transparency, more quality, a better image. Therefore, companies can be filtered in the search according to certain criteria.

User's friendliness:

Few clicks, an easy navigation, selfexplicatory form masks for the production of profile and advertisements.

Everything about one medium:

A compact application. NO time-consuming searches and orders on different chanals.

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