Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Str. 1-3
DE 35037 Marburg

Company profile

Protection against forced entry, bullets, explosions, fire and unauthorized access
SÄLZER is the global market leader for certified forced entry, bullet, fire and blast resistant products for over 40 years. Starting with the protection of the driveways for example by drop arm barriers, to guard houses, doors, windows, facades, grills and partition walls or complete panic rooms.
Protecting lives and property
Whether criminal or terrorist attacks, the tested and certified products from SÄLZER protect against forced entry (up to RC6), ballistic attacks (up to FB7), explosions (EXR5 | tested with explosive charges up to 500kg) and fire (up to T90/BS 120min). Our products are designed to resist any form of attack. Customers from all over the world rely on security concepts from SÄLZER: governments, detention facilities, police, armed forces, various industries, banks, airports, private person and many more.