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Products and innovations

Lift and slide doors in wood and wood-aluminium - certified RC4 and FB4

Lift and slide doors in wood and wood-aluminium - certified RC4 and FB4

The security requirements of the customers are constantly evolving. That is why RvE also adapts its product range accordingly. A special feature from the company is the new lift-and-slide door, optionally made of wood or wood-aluminium. In addition to burglary resistance of class RC4, this also offers bullet resistance of level FB4 - of course independently tested and certified according to DIN EN 1627 and DIN EN 1522/1523 .

Viewed from the outside, there is no difference to elements with a lower security level, which is also due to the great freedom of design that the manufacturer offer its customers. The company plans down to the smallest detail in order to adapt the elements as best as possible to the wishes and requirements of the customer and the object.

Windows and doors from RvE - invisibly safe, markedly beautiful.

Product range

Listed architecture

Listed architecture

Preserving history – including modern standards

Optimum protection against burglary and attack is also implementable in older buildings. Whether for representative public buildings or for private old buildings: we are experienced in dealing with historic structure.

The RvE manufacture is very familiar with traditional carpentry. Manufacturing techniques have been handed down from generation to generation.
RvE is one of the few suppliers to produce historical windows and doors with modern technical functions, e. g. fire protection up to F90, burglary protection up to
resistance class RC3 and bullet-resistance up to FB4.

With the approval of the monument protection authorities, we use modern fittings that are easy to operate and optimise sound and heat insulation. Well-preserved existing windows can be upgraded to energy-optimized box-type windows.

Product range

Windows + doors by RvE

Windows + doors by RvE

Certified security without weaknesses.

Whether for public buildings with high security requirements or for private customers with valuable properties: RvE offers integrated solutions for every requirement, which are completely thought through from the initial concept to the completed installation.

Frame construction, security glazing and fittings are optimally adjusted to provide the best possible protection against burglary and danger. In addition, electrical alarm devices can be integrated in a concealed manner.

Our safety elements are regularly tested and certified. Our entire production is monitored year after year by the test centre for construction elements in Rosenheim (PfB). The Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation recommends us as a manufacturer for certified security elements. RvE security windows and security doors are certified according to DIN EN 1627 and DIN EN 1522.

Product range

Precision craftsmanship – outstanding projects

Precision craftsmanship – outstanding projects

Custom-made products that leave nothing to be desired.

Windows and doors represent the quality of the rooms to the outside. Their design always also stands ‚pars pro toto‘ for the building. That is why RvE unites beauty, style and functionality. In cooperation with architects and builders, we develop custom-made products that fit perfectly into the object and fulfil all  customer requirements.

We offer elements with burglar resistance RC2 to RC4 according to DIN EN 1627 - 1630, bullet resistance from FB4 to FB7 according to DIN 1522, as well as fire protection up to F90/T90 and flood protection.

Whether for historical or modern architecture – windows + doors by RvE are exceptional piece by piece.

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RvE Premium Products

invisibly safe - noticeably beautiful

We use traditional craft techniques and state-of-the-art machinery to produce wood and wood-aluminum windows and doors that perfectly combine design, functionality, durability and safety. Certified and tested security doors and security windows for modern and historic or heritage-protected architecture have been our area of expertise for decades. Both our products and our service have the objective of leaving nothing to be desired. With our specialist knowledge, spirit of innovation and a lot of passion and commitment, we work to develop solutions for the highest standards, which our customers enjoy for a long time. Architects, general contractors and building owners have a competent and reliable partner in RvE – from the idea to the assembly. From our location in Münsterland we supply and serve customers all around Europe and the USA.

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