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RACS 5 Enterprise-class Access Control, Security and Building Automation Platform

RACS 5 Enterprise-class Access Control, Security and Building Automation Platform

The RACS 5 access control system is an Enterprise-class solution dedicated to medium and large installations in such business sectors as commercial, industrial, public, healthcare, education, leisure, and many others.

Within 7 years of being introduced to the offer, the first edition of RACS 5 has proven itself in many prestigious projects and has gained the reputation of a reliable solution even in the most demanding projects.

During the fair, the second edition of the RACS 5 system will have its grand premiere. RACS 5 v2 retains all the successfully implemented solutions of its predecessor and additionally brings a number of new functions. The most important features and improvements of the second edition include:

  • Comprehensive vector visualization in the new map module
  • Management of territorially distributed systems
  • Integration with a conventional elevator system
  • Integration with destination dispatch elevator systems from KONE, Schindler, and others
  • Integration with fire protection systems from Bosch and Siemens
  • Integration with intruder alarm systems from Honeywell and SATEL
  • Integration with RKDS key management and tracking system
  • CCTV integrations: Hikvision, Dahua, Provision ISR, Hanwha Techwin, ONVIF
  • Integrations with BMS, VMS, SMS, and PSIM platforms
  • Wireless locks integration: ASSA ABLOY, Uhlmann & Zacher
  • Integrations with Zonifero, IU Technology, spaceOS office building management platforms
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Extended guest service module

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SBAC Small Business Access Control Solution

SBAC Small Business Access Control Solution

SBAC16 is a networked access controller capable of supporting 16 doors. The solution is mainly intended for small offices and small business facilities and provides the most popular access control features required in such installations.

The SBAC16 controller is easy to install, use and configure. Configuration of the device and its operation is carried out via a web browser, and no special server or application is required. If required, the controller can be connected to the Internet and managed by an external tunnelling service (e.g., https://ngrok.com).

Each door can be controlled on one (way-in) or both (way-in/way-out) sides. Up to 500 users can be registered in the controller, and each of them can have 4 access credentials. User identification can be performed by proximity cards, PIN codes, or by using a phone with NFC/BLE technology.

In addition to the basic access control, SBAC16 also enables the implementation of more advanced functions such as anti-passback, interlocking, or control of the external alarm system. The status of the controller can be monitored and controlled remotely. In particular, it is possible to remotely monitor some input lines and remotely control some output lines. Events that occur in the system are recorded in the internal non-volatile event buffer.

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RKDS Key Management and Tracking System

RKDS Key Management and Tracking System

RKDS system for keys/assets management and tracking enables the protection of the shared resources within the enterprise, manages their use, and verifies who and when had them at his disposal. The system allows assigning responsibility to a particular employee for the entrusted property and to settle it for its use. The control is executed electronically, according to the authorizations granted to users in the system configuration process, and does not require additional service. This reduces labour costs and eliminates the possibility of human error.

The solution can work autonomously or as an integral part of the RACS 5 access control system. In the first case, the system is operated locally from the control panel or remotely from a web browser. Thanks to the intuitive menu of the control panel, both management and daily operation are easy and convenient. In the second case, the configuration and events monitoring are performed from the VISO software dedicated to the RACS 5 access control system management. The users of the RKDS system can use the same identifiers as in the RACS 5 system. One user database and the possibility to manage their rights from one application are a significant utility value, both in terms of system operation and its security.

There are different versions and options of key depositors available within the RKDS system differing in the number of supported keys, housing features, and purpose (e.g., a lockers depositor), which enables effective solution selection adjusted to customer's needs.

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With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, ROGER is a leading Polish manufacturer and supplier of electronic access control solutions. Both hardware and software are developed and manufactured in Poland, which translates into a high level of quality, reliability, and functionality of the offered products.

ROGER access control systems are successfully used in many business sectors, incl. commercial, industrial, public, recreational, medical, educational, and more. Thanks to a distribution network covering around 40 countries, ROGER access control systems serve hundreds of thousands of people in many prestigious locations around the world, from Lisbon through Beirut to Singapore.

The company focuses on developing Enterprise-class solutions as part of the RACS 5 access control and building automation system, as well as on access control for small businesses as part of the simple and convenient web-based SBAC solution.

Both solutions will be presented during the fair. In addition, the company will present its RKDS key management system, which can be an integral part of the RACS 5 system or work autonomously. Moreover, the second edition of the RACS 5 system will have its premiere during the show.