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AppVision™ - the open PSIM solution

AppVision™ - the open PSIM solution

AppVision™ is an open PSIM solution. Therefore, it allows to federate and monitor in a single interface systems and applications that do not natively communicate with each other.

BENEFITS: Why deploy AppVision™?

  • Freedom of choice: with its library of existing drivers and integration capabilities, AppVision™ gives you the ability to choose the brands and products best suited to your installation.
  • Interactions between equipment: Thanks to its links engine, AppVision™ can easily create interactions between different connected systems. Operator reactivity is optimized, the level of security increased.
  • A streamlined workstation: a desktop without integration means: many different software installed on multiple PCs. With AppVision™, you streamline your desktop with one interface and one DB to monitor everything.
  • The evolution of you installation: With AppVision™, you federate the technologies already existing in your facility and those implemented in the future without impacting the overall architecture. Your installation can evolve seamlessly.
  • A cost-effective installation: When you deploy AppVision™ on your installation, you generate ROI. You realize immediate savings on your operations and in the longer term. The cost of upgrading your installation is thus under control.

Why choose AppVision™ as your PSIM?

  • Integration capacity: With SDK, products with a communication protocol can be integrated into AppVision™. Skills transfer is also performed for you to perform your own integrations.
  • Unlimited customization: You can customize the platform to create your own OEM version and meet your markets’ expectations even better, while respecting your clients’ requirements.

Company profile

Prysm Software is a French medium-sized company based in Aix en Provence that develops and markets a PSIM software: AppVision™. Active in the market for over 25 years, Prysm Software relies on its network of distributor and integrator partners to deploy and maintain projects with the AppVision™ platform.

We are independent from the systems we integrate.
This gives our partners and end clients the freedom to choose the best equipment and applications for their installation.

AppVision™ is 100% customizable: graphical interface, features and extensions.
Our partners perform these customizations in total autonomy. They can create their OEM version to ensure that the platform meets their market and their customers’ needs as closely as possible.

We focus on the integration and interaction capability of AppVision™. Any system or application with a communication protocol can be connected to AppVision™ to interact with other systems.

Find out more on our webiste : https://prysm-software.com