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Products and innovations

SAIMOS® – Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security

SAIMOS® – Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security

The SAIMOS® WatchBox is a next generation alarm system. Human intruders are detected by intelligent video analysis. Animals and bad weather do not trigger an alarm. The WatchBox can be easily installed and configured by yourself.

Expensive false alarms and false police actions are reduced, because the WatchBox cameras detect human intruders.

An alarm message including a video sequence is sent via app or e-mail to the owner and/or an emergency center in order to be able to react immediately to the alarm. In case of emergency, a voice message via loudspeaker can be triggered to deter burglars.

The SAIMOS® Control Center is designed for control rooms providing a map-centric situational awareness. The surveillance, security and alarm management for a large number of objects is facilitated and optimized using geo-spatial analyses. The integration into existing control center solutions is supported. Realtime guard locations are visualised and their routes can be optimized. Security guards are smoothly coordinated via the mobile app SAIMOS® Guard. The result is increased efficiency of security measures and reduced costs. Decision making and suitable measures are supported by workflows. Alarm reports are automatically generated based on the collected data.

SAIMOS® Managed Security is a service to connect the WatchBox to a control room against monthly fees.

Alarms are sent to the control room where operators can trigger a voice message immediately and send a guard to the alarm point if necessary.

Company profile

ONG-IT GmbH has been headquartered in Vienna since 1997 and has offices in Cairo and Abu Dhabi.

The company specializes in geo-information systems, video analytics and special developments in the areas of security and infrastructure.

The company addresses customers from a wide range of sectors.

The booth in the interactive hall overview

The booth in the interactive hall overview