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JAMESlingo - real-time translation software specifically designed for reception and logistics

JAMESlingo - real-time translation software specifically designed for reception and logistics

JAMESlingo is not only a simple translation software, but was especially designed for the needs of reception staff - whereby reception staff is to be understood ambiguously as for example dispatcher in logistics, employees of a foreigners authority, control centre employees or even reception staff in the administration building. The software is a module of the metaSEC visitor management system JAMES, but can also be used separately.

Normally the software is operated via visitor kiosk systems and PCs with more and more mobile devices being used. Communication is both text-based and via direct voice input, for example via intercom. Spoken sentences are simultaneously translated by the software and displayed on the screen as a transcript to the reception staff in their native language, as well as output in spoken form. Of course, this process also works in the other direction.

Thus, the software not only makes a major contribution to communication between staff and visitors, but also to streamlining processes and procedures. Safety-relevant processes such as training and instruction (for example with foreign suppliers) can also be carried out more easily and effectively. Better informed visitors will help you avoid dangerous situations. JAMESlingo not only saves you time and resources, but also ensures greater security at the same time. Furthermore, smooth, multilingual communication at the reception also strengthens the image of the company or the authority. Suppliers and customers feel well looked after their visitation and are happy to come back.


Product range

Product portfolio of metaSEC

The product portfolio of metaSEC concentrates mainly on the following areas:

Visitor Management Software (JAMES)

  • JAMESlingo - Translation software for reception and logistics
  • JAMESdialog - dialog software for reception and logistics

ROGER - Alarm server software

MIDAS - Mobile Information Distribution

Kiosk systems / terminals

  • Self check-in and information terminal for visitors
  • Self check-in and information terminal for logistics
  • The JAMES Feedback Terminal
  • Interactive assembly point / digital assembly point
Company news

Digitization in the security industry and plant security

Digitization in the security industry and plant security

Optimizing and controlling processes with the visitor management software JAMES

Witten, 2018: Progressive digitalization is not stopping at the security industry either. Until recently, the keyword only meant upgrading cameras to the next highest number of megapixels. Today's software solutions such as our visitor management system JAMES offer groundbreaking new possibilities for customers and employees.

metaSEC Managing Director Lukas Ziaja explains: "Digitization primarily means using the possibilities of modern information and data compression. We are concerned with process-oriented thinking and exploiting the full potential of digital possibilities. In recent years, for example, we have worked closely with security service providers throughout Germany to further develop our software solutions and adapt them to the needs of the security industry. On the one hand, we use existing data from access control, cameras or other hardware and software solutions and bundle them centrally in our visitor management.

The central administration of all channels and data represents the greatest benefit for security staff. Now it is possible to control and monitor all processes from one system. This has always been a problem, especially with the use of various devices from a wide variety of safety technology manufacturers. JAMES bundles this information in one place and can be used with a wide variety of access control solutions, for example".

In addition to the manufacturer-independent connection and evaluation of external systems, our visitor management also combines numerous functions that are essential for the daily work of security and service personnel. The aim here, however, is not to establish a control centre at reception, but merely to give staff access to the data relevant to them.

In addition to the basic functions of visitor management, such as sending invitations, visitor terminals for receiving and printing visitor passes, there are also features such as room, parking space, key and vehicle management. Furthermore, the software enables the division and management of zones in large areas, the alerting and evacuation in an emergency as well as the multilingual conversation of reception personnel with the guest.

One of the central tasks in the security sector is the staffing of receptions and the registration of visitors. While MS Office or the good old clipboard have been the most widespread solution up to now, this rudimentary approach should be abandoned at the latest with the new basic data protection regulation.

Here in particular, our visitor management makes a decisive contribution to simplifying reception processes and protecting data. The autonomisation of receipts through easy-to-use check-in terminals and the control of semi-autonomised access rights, e.g. for regularly recurring tradesmen, are basic functions that significantly simplify the daily tasks of the reception staff. In addition, our integrated systems ensure an upgrading of employees and the release of additional resources, e.g. in the form of time.

For more information about the possibilities of our systems, please visit the corresponding pages on our website or contact us. We would be happy to advise you on the many possibilities to make your company fit for digital change.

Company profile

metaSEC is a German software manufacturer and was founded by Lukas Ziaja in 2003. Since then, the owner-managed company has developed from a former core area of VOIP (Voice over IP) to a manufacturer of security-relevant software solutions. Core products are the visitor management JAMES and ROGER - the alarm server.

Thanks to the so-called "integrated solutions" , the software solutions work hand in hand and thus support each other in the functionality and control of critical processes such as alerting and evacuating visitors and personnel. The focus of metaSEC developments is always on the holistic process and the close partnership with the user in order to develop tailor-made solutions for daily needs.

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