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LINCSTATION is an automated, intelligent and closed cash drawer.
The advantage of the Lincstation:

▪ Closed cash register leads to increased security
▪ Never make a mistake with changing money. LINCSTATION calculates and returns the change
▪ At any time you read the contents of the LINCSTATION. You do not need to count on this one. You save time and money because no mistakes are made
▪ System is accessible through software portal for all transactions and statistics


Product range

The Lincsafe Concept

The Lincsafe Concept

Lincsafe is the brand name of a series of products for the processing of money. A lincsafe safe checks and counts money and is on-line monitored through a web portal and reports all transactions. If desired, there is also a combination with a CIT company so that the transportation of your money is safely regulated and you will have less of a concern.

Company profile

LincSafe is a young (est. 2013) and dynamic company which develops, manufactures, sells and maintains Intelligent Safe Solutions.

The daily operation is in the hands of Mark Dikken, who leads a team of developers and specialists. LincSafe owns all its technology and develops hardware and software in-house, creating flexible and well priced solutions for demanding customers.


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