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Products and innovations

SERVUS – the best software for managing and improving organization’s daily security activities

Easy-to-read reports and statistics of Servus give top management an overview of the security situation of the entire organization. By using this information management defines policies on how to develop security.

To the head of security, Servus highlights performance of security activities and points out development needs. The collected data is generated directly from operational level. Servus makes security activities consistent and improves performance.

Servus-users will automatically receive reminders on important events. Information is available from one database, making daily security routines easier and faster.

Visitor permit and access control for highsecurity sites and rooms

With Servus you manage the entire visiting process:

  • Applications and their approval
  • High security sites and rooms
  • NDA's 
  • Registering incoming guests and visiting groups
  • Printing of visitor cards and access passes
  • Additional information about arriving quests
  • The hosts' contact information from the same system

Managing keys and locks

Are you looking for key management for one workstation? How about nationwide web browser solution? Servus interfaces serve a variety of needs.
Information about keys can be found quickly and in real time. Orders of new keys directly from the program. The system is completely paperless. Lend keys with digital signature or reading barcode from lenders ID card.

Servus-software also for:

  • Managing Personal Security Clearances, personnel’s competences and confidentially agreements
  • Device service book, Preventive maintenance plans and warehouse
  • Helpdesk and SCADA
  • Personal-and visitor card production, forms and notifications
  • Rescue and security planning

Company profile

SERVUS has been developed by Kvaliteam Oy, a Finnish company founded in 1986. The company has been based in Nummela since 1996.

Kvaliteam Oy is characterized by long and trusted customer relationships. We have received acknowledment for quick and customer-responsive software development, user support and problem solving.
Our customer base consists of public administration organizations, institutions, municipalities and companies. The basis for our security policy is KATAKRI, national security audit criteria.

Our goal is to be a reliable, knowledgeable and collaborative partner.

Kvaliteam Oy has been granted a National Facility Security Clearance Certificate (NFSC).