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Our Vision
“Every business is digital business” – Today there is no business that does not require IT or is strongly dependent on it. It is even more important to make the needed infrastructures as secure as possible. Exactly this is the Kentix approach to develop the best systems for the physical monitoring and security of the ever growing IT infrastructures.

With our Kentix MultiSensor® Technology, we developed a much more efficient product than the previously existing on the market. We have improved the monitoring of small as well as large IT infrastructures significantly. We rely on new technologies that interconnect our products over the “Internet of Things“ and let them communicating faster and more reliable.

80% of global IT infrastructures today are not secured enough against physical risks. There is pentup demand – especially as the security is legally needed. Kentix provides the needed innovations!

About us
Kentix is a manufacturer of professional monitoring solutions for the security of IT rooms, data-center and mission critical infrastructure. Kentix develops and manufactures its products exclusively in Germany with the highest quality standards. Authorities and enterprises from all sectors of the economy secures with the Kentix MultiSensor Technology their IT systems against physical threats. The Kentix MultiSensor merges many different sensors in one functional unit and makes it very efficient compared to the market. In combination with the access component Kentix DoorLock, the solution becomes a complete system building kit that offers the matching product for any application.

The use of wireless mesh networks and modern web technology enables fast and easy system integration. Kentix products avoid disruptions in the operating environment, secure systems against theft and sabotage, and report the impact of human error – and thus ensure optimal IT availability. Kentix increases IT availability significantly and is amortized within a short period of time.

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