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Company profile

itWatch stands for innovative IT-security software ”Made in Germany” with no backdoors and no third party code. itWatch is focused on Data-Loss-Prevention (DLP), endpoint & mobile security, encryption, cost-reducing added values and easy-to-use security solutions. With the patented itWatch security solutions your data is protected against theft and unauthorized access. Compliance, security awareness in real time and efficient tools for system management all come from a single source with central management - multi-tenant. The products of itWatch always support the already established customer processes. Most comfortable usage of IT-security within all processes for all IT-users is top priority. The solutions of itWatch are characterized by global unique selling propositions. The itWatch Enterprise Security Suite (itWESS) comprises Device, Port, Application, Content, Print and Media Control together with features such as ”secure delete”, encryption, cloud security, and many other security elements around.