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Access Control by GPS Tracking

Access Control by GPS Tracking

To increase security in different areas or buildings, access control systems often operate with multi factor authentication. Besides RFID tags, PINs and Biometrics are often used as second identification factor. Using GPS Tracking, ibes offer a further, highly reliable medium as additional factor.

Especially at highly frequented outside locations it is important to doubtlessly verify, that the person using the RFID tag is the entitled employee. Loss and theft are huge security risks.

To minimize this risk, ibes combines its Access Control System with its own GPS Tracking System. Access to particular buildings is only granted, if the employee’s vehicle or mobile phone is currently positioned in a defined radius around the building.

Product range

All-embracing Access Control

All-embracing Access Control

Our Access Control System INCA® IDICS ensures the usage of various technologies and media to identify all people secure and comfortable. Several media are centrally managed and administrated in one software. Our supported technologies are:


  • Wall Reader
  • Cylinders and door fitting assembly using radio communication
  • Cylinders and door fitting assembly for offline usage


  • Palm Vein Identification

Further Technologies:

  • GPS Tracking
  • PINs and one way codes
  • Mechatronical locking systems
  • Mechanical locking systems


Product range

Time Recording

Time Recording

Our Access Control System INCA® IDICS offers an extensive software module for Time Recording. For locking the employees' working hours various technologies can be used:


  • RFID terminal with color touch-display
  • Terminal with color touch-display and Palm Vein Identification
  • The Employee's computer


  • By web application on mobile phones
  • Mobile RFID terminal
  • GS Tracking

Company profile

Since 1990, the trademark of INCA stands for individual systems for Time Recording and sophisticated solutions for Secure Access. An absolutely certain identification of all people is not only granted by several RFID-technologies and biometrical attributes, but also by GPS-Tracking. The INCA IDICS system provides a powerful tool for comprehensive Access Control using modern Online and Offline Readers, Key and ID Card Management, Visitor Management and Time Recoding as well as an integrated Canteen Handling.