Pascherhook 34
DE 48653 Coesfeld

Company profile

Founded in 1989 the heddier electronic GmbH provides the development, production and distribution of media, security technology and sensor systems.

The head office is located in Coesfeld-Lette where the home of the sales department is. The administration and exhibition building - with an area of 700m² - allows customers to try out and experience audio, video and security technology.

The manufacturing and developement centre in Reken covers an area of 1000m² and was inaugurated in March 2016. Hard- and software developer work at this location as well as the employees of the production department. A quick shipping is guaranteed by a large dispatch warehouse.

The heddier electronic GmbH employs a staff of 20 persons. Customers belong to the museum, exhibition, industry and trade fair fitting sector. The highest turnover is made in Germany and the bordering Europe. 600 museums are customer of the heddier electronic.

Electronic engineer Clemens Heddier is the managing owner and leads the business with his spouse Claudia Heddier.

Facts in overview:
Official company name: heddier electronic Gesellschaft für innovative Datensysteme mbH
Foundation: 1989 as engineering office in Coesfeld-Lette
                    1991 transformation of the legal structure to GmbH (HRB1880 AG Coesfeld)
Manager:  Electronic engineer Clemens Heddier
Locations: Pascherhook 34, 48653 Coesfeld (Lette)
                  Raiffeisenstraße 24, 48734 Reken (Maria Veen)
Employees: 20 (in II/2018)
Multiple successful participation at the „Bundesinnovationswettbewerb der deutschen Wirtschaft”
Official training organisation of the IHK

heddier electronic GmbH
Pascherhook 34, 48653 Coesfeld, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 25469110