Carl-Zeiss-Straße 2
DE 36304 Alsfeld

Company profile

Existence in today's form
since 1st April 1984

Development and construction of special bodies and completions for different applications on nearly all known chassis individually according to customer’s requirements in Germany and worldwide

Repair and maintenance of car and truck bodies as well as corresponding painting

Company Location

Industrial area east
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 2
D-36304 Alsfeld

Company grounds

Plot of land:   43.600 square meter
Production halls:    8.500 square meter
Made up yard expanse: approx.  15.000 square meter


Totally approx. 120 employees in different occupational groups like body builders, welders, carpenters, electricians, boiler makers, painters, businessmen, technicians and graduate engineers



EUROGARANT of the international "Verband für Karosserie- und Fahrzeugtechnik" (AIRC)

Member of the "Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Geld- und Werttransportunternehmen e.V." (B D G W) as well as the German "Zentralverband für Karosserie- und Fahrzeugtechnik" (ZKF)


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