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The patented method used in the electronic high-security lock KelNet® is the first one that enables a compliant, certified opening of secure storage containers (safes and vault rooms) without data and settings being stored in the lock (such as opening hours, PIN, and more) while at the same time, maximizing ease of use for the user. KelNet@ relocates the authorization process of the opening of the lock to a central management system with which it communicates in an encrypted way.

In order to ensure the highest level of security, neither the PIN entered at the lock is transmitted nor a remote opening command is issued. After receiving the authorization code generated by the central management system (as a necessary but not sufficient opening requirement), the lock independently decides to what extent all conditions for an opening of the lock are fulfilled. This means that the entire system, consisting of any number of locks and users, can be safely and conveniently administered and controlled centrally.

Changes in the legal structure are effective immediately, as each opening is based on the current, centrally-held legal structure. A complex and costly on-site administration, the limitation of the number of users or keeping logs about who has which rights when and where, is not a problem anymore.

For high-security areas, a central biometric verification can also be integrated as an additional opening requirement. Seamless monitoring and the logging of all centralized and decentralized processes creates an opening system for certified secure storage containers that comes with a high level of security in combination with an unprecedented level of opening and administrative comfort.

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Elegant and sophisticated design combined with the best technology available makes our SpeedStile suitable for all areas where aesthetic values, excessive flow, maximum reliability and uncompromised security are high in demand. By integrating access control devices, our pedestrian speed gates provide high security and capacity in one solution that effectively prevents unauthorized passage. Our SpeedStile’s are also available in extra wide versions that comply with Disabled Access requirements.

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Optimum security with maximum flow.

In a single product, the CompacSas EV airlock provides high-performance filtering and genuine ease-of-use, thanks to a patented system, which guarantees an unrivalled flow-through rate but prevents unwanted people from “piggybacking” or “tailgating” behind other, authorized people.

Company news

Gunnebo at IFSEC in London

Gunnebo at IFSEC in London

The Gunnebo booth at IFSEC, Europe's largest security fair, which took place in London from June 18th – 20th, attracted more than 350 visitors from almost 50 countries. A total of more than 27,000 people from 116 countries visited the fair.

The banners with the motto: "Take Control" protruded far beyond all heads. Many visitors took the opportunity to speak with our experts in a dedicated meeting area. At the stand, our visitors were pampered by a professional barista with exquisite coffee specialties and were also given refreshing Gunnebo water on request.

More information about the IFSEC can be found here.

Soon we will also be found at the international fair for Security, the "Security Essen". 1040 exhibitors from 45 nations and 40,000 visitors are expected.

Within the framework of the fair, Gunnebo Deutschland GmbH has applied for the Security Innovation Award with the latest product from the field of "High security locks". In 2016, more than 80 applicants applied for the Security Innovation Award. The award is given in four categories in gold, silver and bronze. Gunnebo Deutschland has applied for it for the innovative IP-lock KelNet@ in the field of technology & products.

In the application process, in addition to general information on the product, the benefits of our security innovation had to be highlighted. One of the conditions for participation was that the product was introduced after January 1st, 2017 – which is of course fulfilled as KelNet@ is our cutting edge product development.

If KelNet@ is awarded the Security Innovation Award, our Sales Director Stephan Seifert will present this in the form of a keynote speech.

As always, we hold a contingent of tickets to visit the Security Essen for you! If you are interested in an appointment with our experts and/or a free admission ticket, just send us a message .


Company profile

Gunnebo is a world-leading provider of security products, services and solutions with more than 30 years of international experience. The controlled design and manufacturing process forms the basis for the fulfilment of the internationally required high production and quality standards.

Our customers benefit from short response times through the well-developed international and regional support infrastructure. The wide range of products includes cash handling, safes and vaults, entrance control as well as electronic security. Our clients include banks, retailers, CITs, public buildings and corporate headquarters, industrial sites and locations with high security requirements.

The Gunnebo security group operates sales companies in 33 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific region and North and South America. In addition, we have channel partners in more than 100 other markets. The company employs 5,600 employees and has an annual turnover of 610 million euros.