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The GEZE Cockpit building automation system: Increased safety through smart building networking

The GEZE Cockpit building automation system:  Increased safety through smart building networking

Buildings become safer when products from different product groups communicate optimally within the building. GEZE Cockpit is the first smart door, window and safety system. This solution can be used for smart networking of automated GEZE products, as well as for central visualisation, monitoring, and operation. GEZE Cockpit can be operated as an independent system, or integrated into a higher-ranking building control system.

Networked and smart doors and windows
GEZE Cockpit for the first time allows the full intelligence of GEZE products to be integrated into building automation.

Door and window scenarios – automatically the right response
Individual scenarios can be saved in GEZE Cockpit, so that doors and windows are automatically opened and closed or doors are locked, triggered either by time or by a specific event.

-         Monitoring and control of doors, changing of the mode of operation

-         Targeted escape route release

-         Intelligent smoke and heat extraction

-         No complex inspection rounds thanks to status feedback

-         Undesired behaviour, alarm or error messages easily identifiable

-         Ventilation scenarios 

Operation with an IP-enabled device
GEZE Cockpit is operated using browser-based software. Depending on the situation and requirements, three different applications cover various demands within a building.

Meet all of your requirements with GEZE Cockpit
Using the same hardware and software, GEZE offers various ways of connecting GEZE products to all standard building automation systems based on BACnet IP.

The best of both worlds
The integration and stand-alone solutions can be combined for more comprehensive building automation.



Product range

Intelligent and connected – GEZE safety technology for doors and windows

Intelligent and connected – GEZE safety technology  for doors and windows

GEZE safety technology on doors and windows is decisive in preventive fire protection,  access control and burglar resistance in escape and rescue routes. Customised solutions combine individual safety requirements in one intelligent safety system so that doors and windows are opened and closed in a coordinated way in an emergency.

Complex door functions - a clear escape route

Automatic door drives, door closers, motor locks or access control systems: a perfect interplay of the GEZE system components ensures problem-free use of a door in all nodes in combination with emergency exit protection systems. Depending on the situation, a door must satisfy different, sometimes opposing demands. The emergency exit protection system keeps escape routes free and doors secured.  The strengths of self-locking panic locks include fast opening in an emergency, controlled access and burglar resistance. While they lock  automatically in escape routes, the door is always accessible in the escape direction, and there is better burglar resistance from outside.

No smoking - intelligent smoke and heat extraction

 Complete smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) are available for preventive fire protection. In the event of a fire, they provide reliable smoke extraction and guarantee a safe route outside. Thanks to the state-of-the-art control technology, GEZE products can be optimally adapted to various usage requirements.

Increased safety through building networking in Smart Building

GEZE products and solutions smartly interact with building technology on the basis of KNX and BACnet. The networking options provide central control and visualisation functions for automated doors and windows. Control commands can be accepted and status information can be forwarded to higher-ranking systems such as building control technology. The new GEZE Cockpit building automation system and the networking modules can be used to integrate the complete ’intelligence’ of GEZE products into buildings.

Safety solutions from GEZE have won multiple awards and are used in a wide range of extremely famous buildings across the globe.

The GEZE Group

- 31 subsidiaries around the world

- Flexible, highly efficient sales and service network

- 3000 employees

- Turnover in 2016/2017: over 406 million euro



Company profile

The GEZE name stands for innovation and the highest quality of products, processes and service. As one of the global market leaders for door, window and safety technology systems, GEZE GmbH has had a decisive influence on building management systems with its pioneering developments. GEZE door closers open up a numerous technical and visual possibilities. Every day millions of people walk through doors fitted with GEZE's TS 5000 series overhead door closers and enjoy the natural convenience of automatic door systems, such as the Slimdrive product line. Barrier-free door and window systems offer maximum convenience, not only for people with restricted mobility. The integrated all-glass systems provide architectural design freedom. GEZE fitting solutions, such as the attractively designed sliding systems, are award-winning. What's more, GEZE provides a wide range of products in the field of window and ventilation technology as well as smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA). The safety technology field encompasses escape and rescue route solutions, locking technology, and access control systems. GEZE's building management system provides an overview of all the building systems. As a provider of systems, GEZE creates not only stand-alone but also coordinated system solutions which combine functional and safety requirements in a single intelligent system. Product solutions from GEZE can be found in renowned structures throughout the world. The company has a worldwide presence with 31 subsidiaries, 27 of which are outside Germany, a flexible and highly efficient sales and service network, and almost 3,000 employees, and in the 2016/2017 fiscal year it achieved a turnover of over 406 million euros.