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Products and innovations

RESCUBE - certified foldable shelter

RESCUBE - certified foldable shelter

The RESCUBE is an patented and proofed foldable shelter-solution. 

It can be used as a simple upgrade for existing buildings or as an integral element of new constructions. It provides protection against blast impacts, shrapnels and directs hits. In war and conflicts zones it secures the civil life and population.

Product range

Release of MVB 3XL Barrier

Release of MVB 3XL Barrier

We will present the new MVB 3XL barrier. The barrier completes our portfolio of modular, lightweight and mobile vehicle-barriers. 

Company profile

Our company is a supplier of railroad and safety technology. With our own production, we have a high level of in-house manufacturing expertise. As a specialist welding company, we also have defense technology approvals for the welding of armor steels.

We cooperate with the company MIFRAM Security from Israel and offer certified and patented security technology for the German and European market. German and European users benefit from the application experience from Israel. Our products are based on the latest deployment and user experience from Israel.

We offer you:

1. patented and certified access barriers according to IWA14, PAS68 and ASTM - the original from Israel.

2. mobile and innovative shelter solutions for governmental and private use - foldable shelters or mobile container solutions.

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