Harzblick 25
DE 99768 Harztor OT Ilfeld
Mr. Benedikt Altrogge

Company profile


  • Founded in 2018, VOSKER aims to revolutionize the mobile surveillance market and make it accessible to everyone
  • In 2021, VOSKER will already be used in over 50 countries. And more and more are coming!
  • Self-sufficient due to battery & solar panel
  • Immediately ready for use, no matter where
  • Ideal for remote locations without electricity (e.g. vacation homes, rental properties, parking lots)
  • Future-proof LTE transmission (no WLAN required)
  • Quick and easy setup thanks to pre-activated SIM card
  • Flexible data plans for any use (no subscription or data contract required
  • Intuitive Android/iOS app
  • Configuration conveniently from anywhere