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Professional monitors for video surveillance systems (VSS/CCTV)

Professional monitors for video surveillance systems (VSS/CCTV)

Monitors used for video surveillance need a long service life and must be reliable – even for 24/7 use. Their exceptional image quality and reliability make EIZO's monitors perfect for use in video surveillance systems.

EIZO IP decoding monitors with integrated image enhancement allow you to connect to security and surveillance cameras without a computer. Using a computer for video surveillance can frequently prove undesirable, or even impossible due to space limitations. Thin clients and decoder boxes are often unsuitable alternatives in these cases, since they do not deliver the required performance. To address this issue, EIZO has created the IP decoding monitor, a solution that integrates the decoding and a screen display in a single device. No computer, software or additional hardware is required to operate it. High-performance, integrated hardware decoding ensures that images are displayed on the screen without delays and true to the original source.

An overview of the advantages:

-          Connect to surveillance cameras without a computer

-          Perfect solution for use in businesses, buildings, underground parking garages and outdoor areas, as well as for access control

-          Improved display of dark areas (for example, via low-light correction)

-          High reliability and long product life cycle

-          Suitable for 24/7 use

Company profile

EIZO – The Visual Technology Company

‘EIZO’ is Japanese for ‘image’ and the name of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end monitor solutions. For five decades now, EIZO has been setting standards in image quality, ergonomics, long-lasting durability, and eco-friendliness. That’s why EIZO monitors can be found wherever exceptional image quality is desired or absolutely necessary. This includes: back offices, hospitals, air traffic control centers, design and photo studios, ship bridges, architecture firms, stock exchanges, gaming tournaments, environments with security and surveillance systems, control rooms, and geographic information systems, as well as automation and virtual reality applications.

EIZO uses its in-house research and development center to put every monitor component through an array of review, test, and development processes before it is used in an EIZO LCD. EIZO does not outsource any part of the work, from development through to manufacturing, and is continuously optimizing the products. The combination of years of experience and innovative technologies forms the foundation for a highly developed manufacturing process.

The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview

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