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Door Cloud

Door Cloud

Door Cloud is a cloud access control solution based on a new generation of controllers with direct internet connectivity. Thanks to location and microlocation technologies used by the Door Cloud smartphone app, card readers can now optionally be eliminated from some or even all access points.

Besides support for standard readers and wireless locks, Door Cloud can provide access control without a reader. Instead of reading the badge, the user is identified via the mobile app.

With a cloud-based smartphone app, companies can:

  • Update security clearances instantly.
  • Use the internet to enhance security protocols.
  • Take multiple steps to verify a person’s identity and clearance level.

So how does it work?
The first part is easy – the smartphone replaces a card. The second part is a bit more tricky – instead of the usual reader and controller, the access attempt is communicated via the Door Cloud smartphone app. The particular door is determined from the smartphone's location, which doesn't rely solely on GPS for positioning, but a combination of GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth signals. The door is then opened as usual, via Spica Zone Access controller.

Door Cloud has a built-in alarm management system that provides adjustable reaction times, timeouts, prioritization, case delegation and escalation.

Incidents or cases, as they are known on the system, can be triggered by sources such as soft or hard-wired alarms and are escalated through workflow stages and administrator levels until resolved.

The fast and efficient handling of cases ensures these are rapidly recognized and proper responses are given to potential security incidents. The entire process is also backed up by a multi-level escalation scheme.

Stand events

Door Cloud - Readers are now optional

Door Cloud - Readers are now optional
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09/27/2018 11:00 - 11:30

We will provide a general overview of Door Cloud and several selected topics, such as:

  • Why Access Control is moving to the Cloud
  • The potential of Readerless
  • Deploying wireless locks
  • Deploying access control without cards
  • Deploying access points without card readers
  • How to become a Door Cloud partner
Product range

Zone Access controllers

Zone Access controllers

Meet Spica’s small yet remarkably powerful range of access controllers thanks to highly cost-effective and secure Zone Access architecture . Zone Wing is an intelligent network controller, while Zone Door is a smart door control device. One Zone Wing can control up to 32 Zone Doors, making the combination extremely versatile and cost effective for any access topology. Their DIN-rail form factor makes installation simple, tidy and compact.

Zone Wing

Zone Wing is the intelligent access controller and network communication hub. It provides the storage, processing power and programmability needed for modern certificate-based security. Zone Wing connects to the host via its Ethernet port, synchronises access rights and transmits access events in real time. Two general-purpose USB ports can be used to extend the access control system with additional storage, WiFi or mobile-network connectivity. Zone Wing also has anti-tamper switch input for higher security demands.

Zone Door

Zone Door is the I/O device offering the maximum flexibility of input and output configurations at the point-of-access level. This includes the interface for card and biometric readers (Wiegand and RS485), door-strike relays, alarms and other input and output ports. The standard configuration is up to 2 Wiegand readers – additionally it can drive RS485 devices including RS485 readers. Zone Door also offers a range of configurations for door strikes, push buttons and alarms.

Zone Spot

Zone Spot is an intelligent access control solution for single, dual or double-door access points. We can think of it as a combination of Zone Wing and one Zone Door packed into a single box. The only difference is that Zone Spot can handle only a single Zone Door device, the built-in one. Zone Spot comes in two versions, for external power supply or for direct PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) supply.

Company profile

Spica International has been an automatic identification specialist since 1989 with headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It currently employs nearly 100 professionals in 6 regional offices.

Spica is mainly recognised as the manufacturer of Time & Space , a highly successful Access Control and Time & Attendance solution. Both software and key hardware components for this solution are developed in-house. The Time & Attendance system has more than 2000 live reference installations in more than 20 countries.

More recently, Spica has launched three cloud-based products: Door Cloud is an online access control service, All Hours is an online time and attendance service, and My Hours is an online time tracking platform for projects and tasks.

For more about the Spica Group, please see www.spica.com .