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Anniversary: Ten years of digivod

Anniversary: Ten years of digivod

digivod celebrates its 10th anniversary and showcases a range of new products.

Experience the new digivod version 4.0 of the award-winning video management software - made in Germany - as well as the optimized NSL Edition for emergency and control centers.

As a real highlight the company presents a completely new product, the digivod Investigator. The platform to support mass video investigation for security agencies. Thanks to deep learning, mass videos from different sources (including third-party producers) can be reduced to the relevant video sequences.

Company profile

digivod gmbh was founded in 2008 as a German manufacturer of video management software. We quickly gained popularity by our phenomenally intuitive graphical user interface.

Today, digivod is one of the most popular video management solutions in Germany, especially in the area of police- investigative authorities. digivod installations protect critical infrastructures, safe cities, public transport and football stadiums.

We want to help make the world safer and more secure.