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Live Witness

Live Witness

Digifort's Live Witness app is a value added application to our vms. It's a revolutionary concept turned into reality for public safety and securiy of a venue. It is a collaborative security developed for active population in the venue or public places where the concerned visitor can simply scan the QR code which will download the app.

They are now ready to connect in order to assist in their security efforts by reporting incidents, suspicious person or objects as well as medical emrgencies.

Using their phone, it wil stream Video, Audio and GPS location.

Company news

Why metadata is better data for video analytics!

Metadata technology can help create innovative products for physical security, surveillance, and business intelligence applications. At Essen 2022, Digifort will unveil our latest version 7.4 and outline how metadata works and how it can help protect sites and increase the effectiveness of CCTV applications.

Metadata offers an insight and context into significant, security surveillance functions – especially those relating to search, alarm handling and reporting, such as:

•        Date and time

•        Camera obstructions

•        Scene motion

•        Camera movement

•        Location

•        Attributes

•        Colours

•        Sizes

•        Gender

•        Speed

•        Direction of travel

Company profile

Founded in 2002, Digifort is an award-winning software development company that specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence. Digifort is represented in 140 countries through our Distributors and our platform is translated into 19 languages.

Digifort is making the next big advance in VMS technology, furthering our vision of going 'Beyond Expectations'. Our integrated solution opens up so many new possibilities, re-affirming our commitment to becoming a global leader in VMS technology.
Far beyond traditional video security, the new wave of artificial intelligence and application solutions based on deep learning, are helping us to make better sense of the data which was not possible in the past. Today our vision is to create a "Single pane of glass view" within the Digifort Client for monitoring all IP-connected hardware & metadata devices.

We are proven to be extremely stable because of our solid coding and performance driven philosophy. More responsive and less CPU intensive than any of our competitors and is designed to revolutionize how users interact with and gain situational awareness from many different systems under one platform.

This new level of proactive response is set to help change the future of video surveillance operations and help market leaders to deliver a transformative solution.