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Product range

Smart Lock for Euro profile cylinders

Smart Lock for Euro profile cylinders

It is suitable for all the doors which have cylinder operated lock. You just need to cut your key and assemble Utopic smart lock on it.

It has emergency key override possibility with your existing cylinder (do not need to change your existing cylinder with a double clutch one for emergency entrance possibility) (patent pending).

There are various control options for Utopic OK, you can operate with mobile phone, wireless fingerprint reader, wireless touch keypad and remote controller.

One Time Access (OTP) Over Keypad OTP is a technology that allows you to create passwords that can be generated offline and unlock the smart lock without the connection to your smart lock via bluetooth, WiFi or any other protocol.

Guest Access
All you need is Utopic R installed on your door. No controllers needed. Your guests can open the door by entering the code to Utopic App on their phone.

Rechargable Batteries
Utopic R powered by 2 x CR123A rechargable batteries.
1,5 to 2,5 months usage without charging (depending on usage conditions).

Extremely Easy Installation
Cut 5 mm from the surface of cylinder and insert the Utopic smart lock.

Product range

Utopic - Wireless Motorized Lock Cylinder

Utopic - Wireless Motorized Lock Cylinder

The products under Utopic Series are self rotating, battery operated, wireless and retrofit smart (lock) cylinders.

Besides smart phones, they may be controlled via wireless fingerprint reader, wireless keypad, wireless card reader and remote controller.

They can also integrated to home autmation systems via provided API or RF interface unit.

They have controlling option via cable as well, if needed.

z-wave and KNX compatible versions of motorized cylinders will be available soon.

Besides euro profiles cylinders, deadbolt and entry latch compatible motorized cylinders are also coming soon to Utopic motorized cylinder family. 


Company profile

DESi is a manufacturing and R&D company dealing with electronic security business. It is found in 1985 in Turkish Republic. From designing to manufacturing, marketing and aftersale services, DESi has an integrated structure.

On 1980s, DESi was producing remote control systems for CCTV systems.

On 1990s, DESi expanded its manufacturing line and started to manufacture car alarm systems. With its genius features, it becomes a well-known brand in car alarm business.

On 1997, DESi started to produce easy to use home and office alarm systems.

On 2005, according to global and local demend, DESi started to manufacture smart locks and controllers such as keypad, biometric fingerprint, remote controllers.

DESi focused on its target market and analised customer needs well. With this cutomer focus principle, DESi designed suitable and reliable products.

Research & Development department of DESi works as the engine of the company. Both for developing current products and for researching on new demends, DESi R&D department works proactively and as a result, DESi got a lot of “first on the world” features and patents.

DESi uses SMD technology to manufacture electornic products and keeps product quality as high as possible. With its quality culture, DESi manufactures OEM products for automative companies like FORD and ISUZU.