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ALL In ONE Switch

ALL In ONE Switch

Ultimate flexibility combining Copper, Optical and extended Ethernet ... Industry first.

26 Port Layer 2 Hybrid Managed Switch

PoE up to 30 W per port

2 x 1Gb Combo Ports on all models

2 x 10/100/100 or 1000FX combo ports

24 x 10/100 modular ports

Power saving, cost saving and space saving

Made In USA

Product groups

Product range

Network Connectivity and Communication Solutions for Security, ITS and Data Networks

Network Connectivity and Communication Solutions for Security, ITS and Data Networks

- Ethernet  Switches - Industrial & Commercial Ethernet Switches with or without PoE++ (60W)

- Ethernet  Media Convertors - Industrial & Commercial Ethernet Media Convertors  with or without PoE++ (60W)

- Copper Extenders - Retrofit Ethernet - IP over Coaxial and UTP Cable with PoE/PoE+. Extend Ethernet networks beyond the 100 meter limitation

- NetWave - Industrially Hardened Wireless Ethernet

- Power Systems and Solar Kits - Solar Power & Battery Backup Ethernet Kit For    Remote Locations

- Analogue - Legacy Fiber Transceivers over Fiber Optic for   Video, Data, Audio and Contact Closure 

Company profile

ComNet’s connectivity and communication solutions for analogue and digital transmission solutions covering Fiber, Copper, Ethernet and Wireless spectrums are used across many industries.

Our field hardened equipment (operating temp range -40⁰ C to +75⁰ C) is Made In USA and is covered by a comprehensive industry leading Lifetime Warranty.

Our range includes:

Serial data (RS‐232/RS‐422/RS‐485) point‐to‐point, linear add‐drop/point‐to‐multipoint, and self‐healing ring transmission equipment.

Fibre transmission for video, audio and data.

10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet media converters available in non-PoE, PoE (15 W), PoE + (30 W) and PoE++ (60 W), 12VDC -230V Input.

Managed, semi‐managed and unmanaged switches with PoE up to 60W.

Ethernet/IP Extender availibale in non-PoE, PoE (15w), PoE + (30w) and PoE++ (60w) for coax/utp-cat5/6 beyond 100 meter limitation.

Full wireless IP solution up to 500 Mbps covering distance of up to 2km.

Off grid solar and batterie backup solutions where power is difficult to access up to 30W and 40 hours reserve time.

Switches, Media converters and data transmission for the power utility and railway industry according to IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 Class 2.

ComNet equipment can be used in a variety of combinations and applications by combining the best of old and new technology.