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The Magnetic Direct Drive motor (MDD)

The Magnetic Direct Drive motor (MDD)

The Magnetic Direct Drive (MDD) motor is the unique, globally patented, brushless motor specifically designed for turnstiles and automatic entry gates. Its main advantage is its completely maintenance-free operation.

It doesn't need a gearbox, clutch, or oil and can easily withstand dusty and wet environments. It is also quiet, making it the perfect choice for use in schools, libraries, and museums, for example.

MDD motors are now guaranteed to last 20 million mean cycles between failures (MCBF), an exceptionally long motor service life. This makes them the ideal solution for installations with a high volume of foot traffic, such as office buildings, railway stations, and airports.

Company news

Innovative Solutions for Secure and Trusted Access

Innovative Solutions for Secure and Trusted Access

Get to know COMINIFO — manufacturer of latest-technology access solutions. 30+ years of experience. Based in Czechia.


At Security Essen, we present our speed gate product range, solutions for paid access, and tripod and full-height turnstiles. All the products are suited to specific requirements and individual security measures of various market segments.


EasyGate SUPERB – the World's Slimmest Speed Gate
We are exhibiting the world's slimmest fully-equipped speed gate. Minimal dimensions and maximal security. Sleek and elegant design that can be fully customized to meet the client's requirements. Ideal access solution for office buildings or government institutions.


Advanced and Customizable Speed Gates
The exhibited EasyGate speed gate range comes in several models featuring different security levels, design characteristics, and product finishing. 

We place the utmost importance on aesthetics and intuitive visitor guidance, ensuring that our products blend harmoniously into the overall architectural picture and efficiently streamline people flow within the customer's property. 

Our speed gates can be manufactured in nearly any color and finish. We will seamlessly integrate all the required technologies and illuminate the speed gates in company colors. In short, we tailor our solutions to individual needs regarding function, technologies, and design.


Paid Access Solutions and Additional Products
We are also showcasing solutions for paid access, a convenient way to make customers' premises both secure and profitable. It is ideal for managing access to toilets and public conveniences (gas stations, shopping centers, and public transport stations). 

"As seen in several of our installations, the return on investment in COMINFO paid access solutions ranges just in a few months," adds Jakub Vicik, Marketing Manager.

To illustrate the variety of COMINFO access solutions, our booth at Security Essen also presents our full-height turnstile REXON ERA and BAR ONE tripod turnstile.

Company profile

We are a Czech manufacturer of turnstiles and data collection systems with over 30 years of experience. Since 2019 we have been part of the Gunnebo group, the world’s leading entrance control, and safe storage company.

We do everything to make your employees or company guests feel safe and most welcome. Our brand offers a wide range of products, solutions, and services for secure and smart access to corporate offices, airports, government institutions, and manufacturing plants – to name a few.

With COMINFO products you can control nearly all entrances. Simply and efficiently. 
Do you have specific requirements? We will be happy to fulfill your needs. A large part of our production is custom-tailored and there are really only a few things that we have never encountered in the field for decades. 

  • Broad product portfolio ranging from speed gates to paid access solutions
  • Global sales and service network
  • Premium range of speed gates combining ingenious integration of smart technology with attractive product design