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IT 70021 Acquaviva delle Fonti, (BA)
Products and innovations

Simplya Cloud App

Free App for Android and iOS Smartphones for Anti-theft and Home automation functions of one or more Combivox control panels configured through Combivox Cloud services, and Video surveillance functions (public static IP address or address with ddns service necessary - free Combivox ddns available).

Simplya Cloud is intuitive thanks to an interface with icons, based on the same platform of Simplya keypad. It makes the access to all functions very simple and rapid. The App permits to instantly receive (H24) every system status change (arming/disarming), faults (battery low, AC power loss, and more) and alarms with event, area and zone identification through Push notifications (PREMIUM and PREMIUM SIM services).

The App also permits to receive a notification for Cloud connection fault in case of malfunctioning of DSL line or of GSM-GPRS network or in case of system tampering. It is also possible to manage home automation functions for light, rolling shutters and climate control. Besides, Simplya Cloud App  allows to connect up to 16 ONVIF IP cameras for each system configured for live visualization and for a Video verification in case of alarm (connection through Combivox IP module + DSL are necessary).

Company profile

Combivox is an italian company that operates since 1978 as manufacturer of devices in the security, home automation and video surveillance field.

The registered office is in Acquaviva delle Fonti, in the province of Bari (Italy), in an over 3500 mq factory.

Our core business is a full range of products including GSM/GPRS control panels, 868 MHz 2-way wireless systems, sirens, detectors (on RS485 BUS, wired and wireless), home automation modules, characterized by Italian design and user friendliness. We also provide services such as Cloud and iOS and Android APPs.


Our mission is:

“Manufacture high quality and easy to use anti-theft, video surveillance and home automation devices with innovative performances, for the professional installing of security systems; thanks to the technological expertise and to the high professionalism of its staff, Combivox aims at widening its product range, focusing itself on the implementation and innovation of the new telecommunication technologies”.

The main goal of Combivox is to guarantee an integrated range of quality products and services. All its projects focus on the customer, so that he can have reliable and quality products and be sure of choosing the best for his safety.