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The demand for secure storage methods for business assets and personal belongings is increasing hand over fist. How can your employees safely leave behind their personal belongings? Or when valuable or high risk items like weapons, mobile computers or tablets are used: How do I know who has taken what equipment, when and whether they’ve returned it?

The CapLocker is an extremely flexible concept that provides solutions for the above challenges. The concept is simple and scalable. First select how many compartments you need and with what dimensions. There are 5 standard modules each with its own compartment size. You can also combine different modules per system.

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Efficient key & asset management cannot be done without an electronic management system. When keys and valuable equipment are shared, this is not always done with care. In the event of loss or damage, you want to know exactly who last used certain equipment or keys. Moreover, if keys or assets are lost, valuable time is spent trying to find them again. This often leads to direct and indirect costs.

Keys are an important asset to any organisation and can provide access to sensitive areas, equipment and vehicles. With the CaptureTech KeyConductor – electronic key cabinet you will never have to search for keys for meeting rooms, filing cabinets, storage rooms or cars. CaptureTech offers a range of standard solutions for electronic key management from 12 to 6000 keys.

Besides keys, valuable assets such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and barcode scanners easily go missing. CaptureTech has developed the CapLocker ‘lending wall’ as a solution for secure storage, issuance and return of your valuable company assets. The CapLocker is a modular system which can be custom-made for any organisation.

The WebManager software (web-based application) ensures that you are always in full control and provides visibility over your keys and assets, allowing only authorised users to gain access, and ensuring they remain accounted at all times. In addition to a cloud-hosted solution, a link to an existing facility management application or platform can also be realised. CaptureTech offers a 100% secure, easy, efficient key & asset management solution and complete insight into issued and returned items with track and trace functionality. 

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