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OTCaccess uses a unique 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) technology that provides central & global management of all physical and digital access requirements using One Time Codes (OTC).

OTCaccess generates irreversible and unique One Time Codes (OTC) based on person, access point, time and function. otcaccess provides offline authentication for access and yet provides online monitoring and device management capabilities.

OTCaccess controller can drive any electric lock, arm/disarm alarm panels and can be applied to any safe, door, vault room, cabinet and drawer.

On the digital access management side, otcaccess client application controls login to Windows PC & servers, access to any executables and protects any files/folders. OTCaccess-Proxy solution may also manage access to any web page, web application, URL or any endpoint.

OTCaccess-BIOS is a unique product for managing client hardware's BIOS passwords, boot orders, regular update policies and secure storage.

Stand events

Online Show with Simulator

Hall 2 Stand 2D79
09/25/2018 09:00 - 18:00

We will be making online demonstrations with our simulator.

Company profile

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, <bvk> technology is a leading ATM Solutions Company, technology provider specialized in development and production of smart, connected atm security devices, web based remote monitoring & management applications mainly for ATMs, FIs.

Anti-skimming, anti-ATM card fraud, ATM environmental control, OTC (One Time Code) based access control solutions and multi factor authentication for Windows Logon, Application Execution are the key competencies of <bvk>.

<bvk> designs, manufactures, owns all intellectual property of all hardware and software products end2end.

<bvk> has got a customer focused, agile and flexible culture. <bvk> is capable to design electronic circuit boards itself, develops the firmware, embedded software, desktop, smart phone, web and cloud applications end2end.

<bvk> owns a portfolio of 3 patents (pending), 1 Utility Model Certificate, 13 registered brand names and 20 products.

Today <​bvk> solutions are marketed through an international distributor network in more than 42 countries.