Resitpasa Mah. Katar Cad No:103-104
TR 34467 Istanbul

Company profile

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, <bvk> technology is a leading ATM Solutions Company, technology provider specialized in development and production of smart, connected atm security devices, web based remote monitoring & management applications mainly for ATMs, FIs.

Anti-skimming, anti-ATM card fraud, ATM environmental control, OTC (One Time Code) based access control solutions and multi factor authentication for Windows Logon, Application Execution are the key competencies of <bvk>.

<bvk> designs, manufactures, owns all intellectual property of all hardware and software products end2end.

<bvk> has got a customer focused, agile and flexible culture. <bvk> is capable to design electronic circuit boards itself, develops the firmware, embedded software, desktop, smart phone, web and cloud applications end2end.

<bvk> owns a portfolio of 3 patents (pending), 1 Utility Model Certificate, 13 registered brand names and 20 products.

Today <​bvk> solutions are marketed through an international distributor network in more than 42 countries.

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