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Pop Up panic room

Pop Up panic room

The pop-up panic room gets its name from its easy assembly and disassembly. The model is available in two material versions and in three different sizes. The panic room can be used in many ways, such as for personal security, as a safe for valuables or as a gun cabinet. The pop-up panic room can be integrated into existing properties / apartments. The oxygen supply is ensured by two air outlets on the back.

If the product is not in use, it can be stowed dismantled.


1. Sizes: S 2.23 x 1.17 metre; M 2.23 x 1.53 metre; L 2.23 x 2.26 metre; six milietre thickness

2. Material guide in steel or armored steel ARMOX440

3. Weight: S 1048 kilogramme; M 1182 kilogramme; L 1452 kilogramme

4. Air inlets, sabotage safely installed

5. Locking system secured five times

6. Lock tamper protection

7. Can be dismantled from the inside in an emergency

8. Lighting is installed in the ceiling panel

9. Made in Europe

Company profile

BSSD is the only company on the market that can offer comprehensive building protection. We are always looking for new products and developments and employ a team of specialists to develop new far-reaching, realizable products. Our goal is to ensure the personal protection of people and buildings. With our competent teams in the areas of building main building services and security technology, we are the only company that offers the opportunity to offer complex security solutions.

Due to the sharp increase in terrorist attacks worldwide, as well as dangers from nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents, the BSSD team has set itself the task of developing and producing shelters and other protective components for the civilian sector. Your safety is our concern!

BSSD sees itself as an interface between military and civil security applications.

You need protection - ask the company BSSD, we will find the right solution.